REVIEW: Justice League #19

It’s a crazy time to be reading the Justice League and that’s a good thing. The pieces of Snyder’s grand story have been set into place and the pieces are about to move. If you’ve been wanting a good jumping on point for Justice League then this issue is the best one you’re going to find for quite sometime. Warning the following review will contain spoilers. So remember to read your comic before reading this review. You have been warned.

Can we talk about Jorge Molina for just a moment please? When Justice League relaunched under Synder, the big surprise for most people (me included) was Jim Cheung drawing for DC comics. Jorge Molina has done gorgeous work on this title before this current issue, but this issue he takes it to a whole new level. The gorgeous double page splash pages are pure eye candy, capturing the grand spectacle that one would expect of a Justice League comic. With the inclusion of Mxyzptlk, the insanity is turned up to 11, and here is where you can see Molina’s beautiful art at it’s best, as his art perfectly entails the classic zany silver age feeling but with just a splash of modern day influence. 

Finally I adore how much personality Molina evokes from the League, from their facial expressions (Clark’s smile) to their body language (Flash just lounging). It says so much without having to reinforce with dialog. I will end this by saying, that Molina’s version of Mxyzptlk is the most terrifying version I’ve ever seen. 

The core of this issue is mostly set up, that’s not something that should be counted as a negative it’s something every story needs when a new arc begins. To Snyder’s credit this issue doesn’t feel like it’s set up, there’s a organic flow to the structure. All the information needed for new readers is perfectly placed without making new readers groan about information they already knew about. The simple trick of character’s whispering to each other, makes those scenes of exposition more bearable to read through.

One of the better aspects of Synder’s current run on Justice League is him stepping out of what’s he’s for. There are elements of his work that stay prevalent, but the outlandish tone is so refreshing from Synder. What keeps this book grounded is how Synder has each member of the league interact with each other. It make sense that within a team setting there would be a sense of chemistry, but sometimes writer can forget that. Where as Synder put the dynamic of the group front and center, it’s just as important as the story. 

The Justice League is about to rocket to the next dimension and this issue is your last chance to get aboard. Another knock out issue of Justice League 

Justice League #19 earns a 4/5

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