REVIEW: Justice League #11


I don’t know about you dudes, but this week in particular it seemed that the Justice League we’re all over the DCU from this book to the first Rebirth event Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad and even Aquaman. Yet as I looked at the shelf I haven’t seen much talk about this current Justice League series. I’m not the biggest fan of this title but when Hitch writes an entertaining script but it seems that this book isn’t captivating readers as much as I thought it would. Before this book enters crossover limbo let’s see how Hitch ends 2016 with the Justice League. Warning there will be spoilers going forward you have been warned.

One of my bigger criticisms with this series is that the Justice League haven’t worked as a single unit yet. When I read a Justice League comic part of the appeal is seeing how these various heroes combine their talents and powers and work as a team. Thankfully this issue Bryan Hitch gives me my wish as we see the League working in tandem, he also doesn’t sacrifice giving each member of the League their own moments, it’s a great balance between the two. One minor problem I had with this issue was that Jame’s daughter was kidnapped and Batman told him that the League will look after his kids only for James to reply “like they did my wife” seems to off putting to me, plus it really doesn’t go anywhere. Perhaps Hitch plans to revisit this plot thread at some point down the road.

There is little to no plot with this issue, as it’s one gigantic fight scene featuring some the best Z-list villains of the DCU. Hitch understands how to write a an epic action sequence, considering his experience on Ultimates he knows what works and what doesn’t work. Granted most of the credit for this issue falls to Neil Edwards and I know I’m repeating myself but someone is giving notes to these artists and tells them to draw and layout their comics like Hitch, it’s uncanny how often this is happening and so far Neil Edwards with this issue is the one nearest to that might Hitch brass ring.

My only real problem is that this story line just ends, and that’s most likely due to the next issue ties into the Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad event, but I would have like some hint of a plot point that will be brought back in 2017 but alas nothing. Justice League #11 was a balls to the walls great action oriented comic book, Neil Edwards should stay on as the main series artist ( I doubt that happens though).

Justice League #11 earns a 3/5

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