REVIEW: Justice League #1



Number one issues are always a delight…on paper. Hopes are high and fans are rejuvenated with thoughts gone wild of their favorite characters getting a creative refresh. That’s what Scott Snyder and Jim Cheung aim to do with Justice League #1. Take the world’s most recognizable heroes and make them fresh for the post Rebirth era of DC Comics. Here’s hoping for the greatest story ever told. Spoilers ahoy.

With Scott Snyder at the helm of this series launch, I expected a hefty dose of explanation and boy was I wrong. Snyder provides the opening issue with fun moments (the League impersonates Batman DURING a fight), seeds for the future (literally everything Lex Luthor did) and delved into the past (Martian Manhunter is mopey mope at all times). None of which felt forced, overly complicated or even bland.

Snyder does a decent job of getting everyone a one liner (though none tops Wonder Woman’s Batman impression) or a moment to shine (though none tops Martian Manhunter’s beastly transformation) and that’s essentially all that is asked of a writer given the wondrous characters. Snyder shows no favorites and pulls no punches. $#!+ is real and its happening NOW.

Now, as much as Snyder decides which character shines and when, Jim Cheung’s masterful skills determine how brightly they come across. Cheung’s art is nothing short of spectacular and gives each hero their own flair. When John Stewart shows up, he is truly a sight to behold. The colors by Tomeu Morey (Green Lantern alum!) were also on point. The color of the Manhunter was especially impressive during his aforementioned transformation. It was almost as if the darkness of space bounced off his skin. Really good stuff, all the way around.

Overall this is a real solid issue. Nothing to complain about unless b you were expecting John Stewart to be the star from the get go. No moments wasted here. Snyder brings the big guns out (courtesy of Green Lantern John Stewart) and they provide a blast of entertainment in this first issue.

Justice League #1 earns 4/5

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