REVIEW: Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #15


Okay I will admit that two weeks ago I was a bit harsh in my criticism that the cover ruined the ending of the comic. I did amid that when I first saw the title of this current arc, my mind instantly went to Saint Walker since he’s the only Blue Lantern who’s actually progressed outside of his initial appearance (does nobody else remember the elephant Blue Lantern?). So I set my own personal expectations that it might have been a new Blue Lantern. I love Saint Walker regardless so let’s see what Robert Venditti has in store for the only Blue Lantern in all the universe.

Yes John, Kyle and Hal are huge factors in this issue but I personally felt that Guy going rogue was the crux of what made this issue absolutely sing. Personally I love that either Venditti, Van Sciver (or both) decided to put the exact same jacket he wore back in the late 90’s. It’s a reference that doesn’t obstruct the serious tone that Gardner’s story for this issue but for fans that recognize the jacket it’s a fun Easter egg. I can’t but wonder that if Guy putting on this specific jacket, is Venditti hinting at Guy once again getting a yellow ring? Given that Sinestro Corps and Green Lanterns are teaming up it’s not exactly out of the realm of possibility. With that being said Guy is the perfect spice that for the ensemble cast, the bravado has always been apart of Guy’s character but I feel like that it’s turned up just a bit for this series and that’s not a complaint. If anything Guy is the most fun to read about because of how brash and unpredictable he is, even though some might say that should be Hal.

While John has been Corps leader before the way Venditti writes him now is captivating. It reminds of a King who’s Kingdom is in ruin but wants to bring it back to it’s former glory. Remember how I constantly complained that Cullen Bunn couldn’t help but remind readers with pointless flashbacks of John in the military? Robert Venditti gives John that military authority he needs without diving into his backstory. It’s a small scene but it spokes volumes about John’s state of mind and the state of the corps. As for Hal and Kyle while both face an interesting spill into their minds, it’s honestly nothing that hasn’t been seen before. That’s really the only problem with a book with all four Earth based Lanterns is character development won’t progress as much since you only have twenty pages to work with. Still entertaining regardless of how few pages they we’re in.

I’ve talked to death on how amazing Van Sciver is and the issue is no exception but it’s the introduction of this hope sucking alien that had me running for the covers. If I remember correctly Van Sciver has an affinity for monster films and I feel like he drew inspiration from them. Having it merged with part of planet and multiple faces gave it the disturbing look it needed. It slightly reminds me of any classic sci-fi story in that deep space is so vast that you never know what you might run into. I’m hoping for more various alien life as the series continues to chug along.

Another enjoyable issue of Hal & The Green Lantern Corps, and even though I’m not a huge fan of the character I love his role for this series. I won’t spoil the final page but it did give me the feeling of needing the next issue right away.

Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #15 earns a 4/4

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