REVIEW: Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #13


I’m gonna level with you for one second, and it might be a bit radical when you factor in the types of comics I tend to enjoy the most. I believe that some part of that “mythical” aspect of the DC heroes isn’t as prevalent. This isn’t a rallying cry to force creators to write a certain style but to find unique circumstances to emphasize what makes a hero different from everyday people. Especially in the DC Universe where the Justice League themselves are treated like the Greek Pantheon. What does this have to do with this issue? Read further on and find out, there will be spoilers.

Before I go any further, it has to be addressed that this issue is a filler issue. If you’re a fan who wants to see the narrative move forward and won’t get any satisfaction from this issue. I myself am a bit annoyed that this issue doesn’t even focus on the main cast but psuedo serves as a recapper of the Bottled Light arc. Before I get into the actual context as to why Venditti recapped the previous arc, after I finished the book this felt like an attempt at reviving the “Tales Of The Green Lantern Corps” concept that tells one shot stories of past, current or future Green Lanterns. Except for the fact we don’t get to see the future Green Lantern for this issue until the final two pages.

Even though this issue didn’t amount to much the framing device of using a the old grandmother to tell a recap the previous arc was just adorable. I don’t like seeing it often but seeing a different perspective during superhero confrontation brings back that mythical feeling that every superhero comic should bring. It doesn’t compromise the characterizations and force Venditti to write characters in a less complex way. One thing that did catch my was the lack of any Sinestro Corps being shown as fighting with the Green Lantern Corps. More than likely this is due to the Xudarian telling the story only saw the GLC or something happens with the partnership between the two corps.

The one thing that has hooked my eyes was the two double page spread of old and new threats that the Green Lanterns will more than likely facing. Remember those “Coming this Year in ____” pages that certain comics would occasionally grace the back of certain comics, but I really enjoyed how Venditti incorporated that concept into telling an organic story that continues with the concept he first started with and get readers for excited for what may or may not come.

Sadly we don’t get Sandoval or Van Sciver for this issue, but artits V Ken Marion does a fine job. Storytelling was solid and Marion’s double page on the “War of Light II: Electric Boogaloo” looked cool as an homage. Marion’s art is fine but when in comparison to the two main artist it pales in comparison, I would like to see more of Marion’s work show up in DC because I love the level of detail that individual characters have.

Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #13 is a skippable issue, it’s a well done comic but nothing about is something I would call essential reading. I love the framing of the story but having half of the comic serve as a recap of events that most readers just finished just feels wasteful. Hopefully Venditti will continue with this concept of exploring Green Lanterns from various times and alien races.

Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #13 earns a 3/5

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