REVIEW: Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #12


Forgive ladies and gentlemen, but the reality is we live in a divided world. Nowadays it’s so easy to find people who fit their ideas and ignore whatever idea their “opposition” brings to them. When I sit at the bus stop thinking about people who flat ignore the other side of the argument it flat out scares me. What I like about comics is that it should emphasizes the more optimistic side of humanity. What exactly does my ranting about fake new and people ignoring facts have to do with Green Lanterns fighting a crazed Larfleeze? Read my review and find out! Spoilers are to follow!

During this arc I have neglected a minor story point that involves the legacy Green Lantern Tomar-Tu and his relationship with his mother. I’ve been reading Green Lantern comics for only 8 years and I don’t have nearly as much invest in most of the extraterrestrial Green Lanterns in comparison to Earth’s Green Lanterns but in this one page sequence of Tomar-Tu wanting the approval of his mother is great storytelling from Venditti and Van Sciver. In a single page you’re given enough back story to Tomar-Tu, the emotional connection to his deceased father and living mother and his relationship with Hal Jordan and the emotional payout when Tomar-Tu hugs his mother. I also love Hal’s body language as he struggles to give the correct answer to his friend. This page is an example of what I love about comic book storytelling and it’s all done in a single page.

With this being the final issue for the Bottled Light Arc, I feel that Venditti wants to tip the scales to give readers and an explosive conclusion to and arc and give just enough character development to satisfy readers of my ilk. I know I’ve said this before but I feel that Venditti is having an absolute blast writing Hal Jordan in the heat of battles. The confident fighter pilot persona comes full forth and the rest of the Green Lanterns clearly feed of Hal’s willpower which in turns make the reading experience feel more exhilarating to readers.

If anything this issue can be summed up as a reason to let Ethan Van Sciver let loose with epic splash pages tightly done fight scenes. I love Van Sciver’s attention to detail when it comes to the how both Green Lanterns and Sinestro Corps members fight and not just Natu getting the idea to use Larfleeze’s fear of losing his collection ( that was a damn cool moment) but seeing the Green Lanterns constructs look more defensive than offensive and vice versa for the Sinestro Corps. I mentioned that last issue Larfleeze felt similar to his original appearance, even though Larfleeze doesn’t real do much heavy lifting but Van Sciver’s art made him look more menacing, despite the fact he was mostly freaking out over his collection being ruined.

It’s a new year but Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps continues to be revel in what makes Green Lantern distinct and fun for new and old fans alike. The inclusion of the Sinestro Corps is not needed spice since Venditti and the talented pool of artists make the Green Lanterns cool it is an interesting dynamic when putting together old rivals into a partnership. Heck it works out in pro wrestling so why not in comics.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #12 earns a 4/5

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