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What I’m about to write maybe a bit odd, especially since DC’s Rebirth intention is to remind old and newer readers about the days of yore. Yet in the Rebirth issue for this series, half of story was dedicated to an aging Sinestro, a character who has battled Hal Jordan for more than fifty years now not even a snapped neck could prevent him from continuing the fight. Seeing this version of Sinestro battered by the sands of time reminds us that we all have a clock ticking down to the end. The big difference is between us and Sinestro is that we’re not Sinestro. Spoilers to follow in the review below, advance on your own merit.

Even though this series is centered around Hal Jordan and the returning Green Lantern Corps, oddly enough Sinestro seems to have more depth to him as a character than Hal does at this juncture. The Rebirth issue established that this Sinestro is older, but Rafa Sandoval’s art makes him look decrepit warrior who’s seen far to many battles to keep count. Some might say the walking cane is a bit much, but it further cements the physical state that he’s in. While I was initially disappointed with Sinestro returning to a more vibrant look, I realize what type of story Venditti is trying to tell with Sinestro.

Through context we have a warrior who (with the help of his daughter) has brought order to the galaxy, and in the twilight of life he still has that burning desire to continue what has made him infamous. I can’t help but draw the analogy to the world of sport, narrowing the field a bit more specifically baseball and it’s steroid scandal since the late 90’s. With Parallax acting as a performance enhancer for Sinestro it’ll be interesting to see how all this comes crashing down on his fragile body.

Venditti’s has hit a story gold mine with the first arc and it’s centered around one of the greatest villains in the DCU.

Since I’ve been writing for this site for over three years now, one book that I did not touch was Sinestro’s own ongoing series I honestly didn’t even bothered to keep with it since it didn’t intersect with the other Green Lantern series at the time. While the Rebirth was a great reintroduction to Hal, I felt a little bit lost on why Sinestro wasn’t in command initially and why his daughter (a former Green Lantern) was the current leader. Venditti gives enough context that by the time the reader finish this installment, it won’t be a problem going forward. The pacing feels a bit rapid during Sinestro’s ceremonial return, it almost feels like that scene should have happened at the finale of Sinetro’s series and not the start of this one.

For being the titular character, Hal Jordan feels a bit removed from the heart of the issue. Which I understand since the Rebirth issue focused on Hal’s state of mind, this chapter serves as a balance into Hal is a space cop on patrol. Opening up the book with Hal chasing down leads felt like watching an opening to a summer thriller, no need for an explanation just a good guy beating down some bad guys for information.

Hyperbole is a word that often characterizes me when I’m describing something it’s a personal habit of mine. After seeing Rafa Sandoval’s pages for this the debut issue, I’m convinced the team of Van Sciver and Sandoval are the best one two punch in the entire line for DC now. Rafa Sandoval’s pages are absolutely gorgeous, amazing detail in every single panel. Sandoval was the artist right before DC Rebirth, but the art here looks it’s from a completely different artist His facial expressions while in some instances are a bit exaggerated (namely with Hal), Sinestro’s faces capture the weariness, but focused soldier. The future for this series looks bright with Sandoval and Van Sciver tag team.

Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps’s first issue was a great mix of Green Lantern action, and a character moment for the main villain Sinestro. Now that the Green Lantern Corps finally make their way back to the DCU, it’ll be interesting to see how Venditti balances all these elements together. For now this was a very solid start for the second Green Lantern series.

Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #1 earns a 4/5


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3 Responses to “REVIEW: Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #1”

  1. Jesse Stewart

    I love the way this arc has started. It looks to bring payoff finally to what Venditti and Bunn have been building for over a year. I only have one tiny problem. I don’t like the way Sandoval drew Soranik. Otherwise, this was amazing!

  2. GLfan

    Much better than Rebirth but I still have my concerns regarding Venditti. Hopefully he can prove me wrong

  3. daniel clavette

    I enjoy the rebirth green lantern issue and i hope to see more of green lantern.


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