REVIEW: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #37


KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! In all my years of reading DC comic I can’t recall seeing Green Lanterns go up against General Zod. I’m sure this isn’t their first encounter, but it’s at least their most recent fight. As always the following review will contain spoilers. So be sure to read your comics before reading this issue. You have been warned.

It’s not to often that you see General Zod (along with Ursa) outside of a Superman comic and it’s easy to forget just how powerful Zod is. I mean you could use Man of Steel as your example, but nobody wants to do that. When you see Zod battling Superman, it’s to forget the amount of power that comes from his attacks, which is why I loved how Venditti handle Kyle and Hal’s encounter between Zod, Ursa, and their son. Even though both Hal and Kyle wield the most powerful weapon, they were still outclassed. It seems to me that Venditti simply loves writing Hal being defiant in the face of adversity. I know that Hal’s origins root him during the space race, but Venditti writes him in the vain of a gunslinger cowboy. Hal Jordan always ready to shoot from the hip when need be.

General Zod maybe the main focus of this issue, I loved that Venditti eased readers into Zod’s proper introduction with a scene between The New Guardians and John. Another a different writer this scene could have confused most new readers due to it’s references of very important comics, but under Venditti’s writing that doesn’t happen. Namely it’s John’s tone towards the Guardians, that brings up the tension without becoming a full on info dump, It was also extremely refreshing to see the Guardians actually own up to their own messes from the past, and that opens up their characters and roles within this book. It’s taking and old concept and giving a slight polish for fresh new stories and I welcome this latest incarnation of the Guardians.

Rafa Sandoval is back for this arc and this time he’s bringing a six pack of violence. When I think of General Zod, one word comes right to my mind, and it’s ruthless. Sandoval perfectly captures the character of the former Kryptonion General, from his commanding posture to the impact of his blows. I love the fact that a lot of the “fight” between our Green Lanterns against Zod’s family is that both Hal and Kyle are clearly terrified, whereas Zod remains eerily calm for the duration of the fight. Most comic fight scenes usually have the camera pulled for apart, but this fight it’s more closed in. It makes the fight feel more intimate and downright terrifying when you see Zod and Ursa destroying constructs like playdo.

This arc started off with a bang, and for the first time I ever I have no idea what Zod’s plan actually is. Who knows, perhaps Kyle and Hal are being unreasonable. However it was the final page that sold me on the rest of this arc, Zod lifting up the broken body of Hal Jordan as he proclaims that his campaign will begin. The idea of seeing Zod challenge every single member of the Green Lantern Corps has my body filled with goosebumps.

Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #37 earns a 4/5

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