REVIEW: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #24


Alliances are fragile, we as humans ally ourselves with each other for protection from a greater threat or a common interest. Yet when you look at history, alliances are difficult to form, yet so easily shattered. There is something in our DNA that makes humanity just want to start a relationship, start some shit then immediately break of said relationship no matter now long it lasted. Same goes within the universe of comics, the deadliest of foes have teamed up only to be back at each others throats within six months. Now if that doesn’t tell about this issue then I don’t know what will. Warning they’re will be spoilers. You have been warned.

One particular topic that is on everybody’s mind is the sheer amount of police shooting people who have either surrendered or have done nothing to violate any law. Now I know that you as a reader might not want to bring real world topics into sci-fi settings, but given that the Green Lanterns are cops it must be brought up. I will give Venditti a lot of credit in how he handled both the killing of a Sinestro Corps member and revealing that information to his soldiers was done well. I can see why Tomar-Tu murdered Romat-Ru, his reason isn’t justified but it puts Tomar-Tu in a predicament that I’m not sure he comes out alive. So while the revelation of Tomar-Tu being the murder was predictable, the aftermath isn’t.

Focusing on the conversation between Kyle and Natu, this entire sequence is my favorite in this entire issue. Seeing Van Sciver draw Natu in the same position that her father was bone chilling, considering I’ve never seen Natu stand with such a fearing mongering pose. Even down to the shadows, it looks like I’m seeing Sinestro again, but the fact that it’s Natu makes the page jump with electricity. The scene itself was on the edge of out of character (especially the branding) but I’m willing to look past it as it pretty much ruins any hope of Natu and Kyle getting together again. What really sold me on this critical moment between Natu and Kyle is her calling him “alley rat” the same derogatory word that Sinestro would refer Rayner as. It’s so jarring, but so effective given the history between Sinestro and Kyle.

However I do admire what Venditti did on writing duties once again, Van Sciver just steals the show in almost every single way. I spent minutes looking at Hal’s reaction to hearing about Tomar-Tu’s secret, the switch from disbelief to anger is surreal that I felt Hal’s reaction within my own gut. I can’t even gloss over the visceral death of Ramat-Ru, it’s disgusting but I can’t help but admire the amount of detail that Van Sciver put into. While we as readers may only get Van Sciver for a short amount of time, but he blows it out of the water each and every time. Even though this issue read pretty quick but the escalation of events made this issue compelling from start to finish.

Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #24 earns a 4/5


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