REVIEW: Green Lanterns #7

Only a week and we already have a new issue of Green Lanterns out?! That’s what a fifth week plus a cast of rotating artists will do for a series. Enough about scheduling shenanigans, this particular intro might touch home base for all types of readers. Whether it’s parents or guardians we all have someone who handed us the tough love we all needed to hear in order for us to become the people we should be. Most superhero parents are depicted as gentle guardians ushering our heroes to their ultimate destiny, now Sam Humphries introduces us to Simon Baz’s mom. Warning, reading further will contain spoilers be sure to read your comic before reading the review. You have been warned.

One big criticism of main stream superhero comics is that the action is constant with no signs of relief. There’s always a bigger enemy to fight or setting the stage for dramatic change to the characters that will alter them forever (until sales drop), every now and then sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the action and develop the characters beyond their role as “hero.” That’s exactly what made Kyle Rayner popular in the mid 90’s. Seeing Simon and Jessica help each other cook Ma’amoul before Simon’s mom arrives, it allows both of them to develop their characters outside of a battle but in a normal setting where any reader can relate to. It’s honestly the best scene in the series so far, even though it was borderline cheesy with how chirpy both Simon and Jessica were it still was a much needed scene for both Green Lanterns.

Since Jessica was the main focus for the first arc, it seems that Humphries has decided to give more pages to Simon and develop his own personality outside of being the brash rookie to Jessica’s nervous rookie. While he still retains his high octane attitude, seeing him become an absolute wreck because his mother is visiting and he doesn’t want to make her disappointed again. This scene not only expands Simon’s personality but it also shows a bit more of his past something that I don’t believe Green Lantern readers have had the privy to. I’m sure that Humphries is only showing what’s necessary for the issue and further exploration into Simon’s past will happen at some point down the road.

Despite my praise, this issue isn’t without fault and while they are minor they are still problems regardless. Someone out there has to be laughing at Humphries attempt at humor, but sadly I don’t consider myself one of them. His humor relies on quips from Jessica whether that’s internal monologues or whenever she’s talking with Simon, it doesn’t have that comedic punch that I believe Humphries is looking for. Finally after six issues, Humphries relies a bit to much on the first person narrative at the start of each issue to much, it almost feels redundant for Jessica or Simon to reiterate that either of them are Green Lanterns, this can be considered a nitpick but I see it as a narrative problem that forces to the story to start slowly due to lack of information, perhaps let the art tell the story instead writing how Jessica feels when she’s forced to be social.

Speaking of the art, it must be a miracle because the art actually remains consistent again for the second issue in a row. Ronan Cliquet art is very standard superhero work, nothing immediate jumps off the page it’s very workman type of style. Frankly at this juncture Green Lanterns has to be consistent on art since the writing can be a hit or miss depending on the particular scene. Honestly if Cliquet stayed on as a regular I wouldn’t mind seeing more, there is promise in his line work and his storytelling while basic served the story in a positive light What really impressed me was his body acting for Jessica seeing her squirm at the thought of being social or Simon frustration with a slight hunch at the thought of letting down his mom.

Green Lanterns #7 was a step in the right direction for the series, while I still have technical problems with the writing both Jessica and Simon developing chemistry continues to be the highlight of the book, and thankfully the art was solid again. I fully expect Green Lanterns #8 to be released within a matter of hours now.

Green Lanterns #7 earns a 4/5

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