REVIEW: Green Lanterns #6


It really isn’t a secret that I’ve had mix emotions on what Sam Humphries has brought to the Green Lantern mythos. The addition of Jessica Cruz has mostly been positive (with the exception of her curling into a ball last issue) but given that Simon seems to tapping to powers that no other Green Lantern before me gives me reason to pause. It’s a delicate balance when a creative team wants to leave their mark on a character while also respecting what has come before. While I’m the biggest fan of what Baz has been given, but it’s to early to judge for all that! For now be sure you read your issue before continuing further.

The double artist problem continues for this series, with both Will Conrad and Jack Herbert pencil this finale but thankfully Will Conrad inks the complete issue so for a reader it isn’t as jarring when one page done by one artist transitions to another. I’m not against two artist working on the same but I just want it to look consistently from start to finish, unless there is a story reason as to why the art needed to be drastically different. I did have minor problems with the art in just a few places, namely Jessica’s double page splash entrance and her anatomy just seemed a bit awkward looking when you look at how her waist and the middle part of her body was bending, that and I thought when Jessica came out from underneath the rubble her facial expression looked more aloof than relieved. Other than that, Herbert and Conrad delivered a great looking book that has my favorite single page splash which is Simon and Jessica hugging each other after overcoming their first trial as a team.

Superhero comics are forever the never ending story, even when one book closes plot threads are seeded for another writer to pick them up, initially I was disappointed with how Red Dawn ended with no real big fight with Atrocitus but rather only a couple of panels of the Hell Tower falling. Instead of drawing out this story arc, Humphries knows when it’s time to put a break on a story let it rest in the back round. The strength of this series relies on both Jessica and Simon on the same page, quipping back and forth with each other, when they are separated the book suffers because it has to rely on first person narrative which is a technique that is over done for my particular taste, especially when you’re repeating what the character’s motivations each issue and after six issue it becomes noticeable and feels redundant.

The only aspect that has me scratching my head was the Rogue Guardians introduction of the “Phantom Ring” and I admit that my own jadedness might blind me to what Humphries is ultimately planning for both Simon and Jessica, but it just felt like a regurgitation of what has been done since 2007 and that’s introducing another Ring a Phantom Ring mind you. I can appreciate it’s actual design of this new ring and the restraint from Humphries to know spill the beans on it right now but I’m hoping it’s not connected to the emotional spectrum and not some “anti spectrum” ring either but rather a unique ring that would actually bring something new to the mythos.

Green Lanterns overall was a better issue than the previous chapter, thankfully the art was consistent enough for me to not be jarred when Herbert and Conrad switched pages. I’m still dubious about this Phantom Ring, but seeing Jessica and Baz just interacting with each is well done and is the best part of this series. Just don’t make them be romantically linked. Hopefully the art stays consistent going forward.

Green Lanterns #6 earns a 4/5

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