REVIEW: Green Lanterns #41



Can you feel it? Love is in the air, look I know that Valentines Day was last week work with me okay. I’m going to be a completely honest I’m a hypocrite. During Sam Humphries run I stated that I didn’t want to see Simon and Jessica become a couple because that would push the book into a direction I wouldn’t be a fan of. However as this arc has gone forward Tim Seeley is slowly but surely making change my mind. Warning the following review will contain spoilers. So remember to read your comics before reading this review. You have been warned.

You know how you read a gag and you think that at some point said gag will stop being funny. That hasn’t happened with the dating app gag that Seeley has implemented. In the hands of a different writer this running joke could have worn out it’s welcome very quickly. Seeley understands that for a joke to work on a consistent basis you can’t overdo it. He picks specific spots and in one instance actually makes the gag come from a different perspective. Well done humor is a lost art in the world of comic books, while Green Lanterns is by no means a comedy book, but the touches of humor add a fun element to the title that is most welcomed.

Continuing on that fact, while this issue didn’t exactly move the narrative forward that much I didn’t care. Green Lanterns #41 was just fun, it doesn’t take itself to seriously but at the same time it knows when the comedy needs to stop. I mean where else are you gonna get two Green Lanterns causing a ruckus in a place called Hellhole? I’ll admit that is very specific but my point is that Seeley revels in the craziness that Simon and Jessica have to deal with on constant basis. Seeing Simon have elbow juice (elbow juice?) squirted all over for him is just one small example of why I’ve been enjoying this book since Seeley has taken over.

Look I’m a fan of Barnaby Bagneda, just go read most of my Omega Men reviews to see my love for his art. However I wasn’t a fan of his art for this issue. Yes there were flashes of brilliance but as a whole his art didn’t meet the usual standard. Most of the faults go to his anatomy and facial expressions on multiple pages, some of the characters are unrecognizable at first glance. This issue is by no means his worst when it comes to interior pencils, but having a certain standard I expect a bit more higher quality.

Green Lanterns #42 was a fun comic from start to finish. It wasn’t perfect but as with life not everything will be perfect. I’m adore how Seeley is handling the potential upcoming relationship between Simon and Jessica. It’s a case of girl likes guy but guy likes another girl and I’m a sucker for these types of stories. Hopefully this isn’t drawn out to long and it becomes a will they or won’t they situation. Bagneda’s art wasn’t the greatest but it was suitable for this issue and sometimes that’s all that I need.

Green Lanterns #41 earns a 3/5

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