REVIEW: Green Lanterns #34


We all chase the perfect or ideal life. No matter how fun or rewarding our current lives maybe, we as human beings naturally yearn for something what we perceive as “better.” Even if you happen to wield the galaxy’s greatest weapon. Remember peeps, the grass is always greener on the other side. Warning they’re will be spoilers going forward so be sure to read your comics before reading this review. You have been warned.

If they’re is one thing that I love when reading stories is the character growth. In the world of main stream superhero comics actually growth can be mitigated by a new writer coming on or a universal reboot that happens once a year but is never called a reboot (pardon the shade throwing). As per mentioned in the previous issue Tim Seeley maintains the camaraderie between Jessica and Simon remains the core of what makes Green Lanterns an engaging read every time it comes out. Personally I love the duality of this issue, on the one hand we have both Cruz and Baz find a way to over come a planet’s self destruction, but trying to find anything that stabilizes their own lives continues to be difficult.

While this second chapter of Seeley’s run seemed like it was a perfect bow ending of a short arc. Seeley uses this issue as a perfect way to set up the status quo for his run on Green Lanterns, while also creating a new threat that could bring political themes to this series. One of the more interesting tidbits that could have huge ramifications is Jessica’s ring seemingly gaining sentience. Hopefully this particular plot line has an extended life, due to the fact that I love the banter that the ring and Jessica. It’s almost taking the relationship that Iron Man has with AI’s in the MCU films, but graphing onto a Green Lantern ring but adding a creepier context to the situation. Honestly the only aspect that left me scratching my head for this issue was the cover and I assumed that Liseth would play a bigger role within the comic. Outside of singing a wonderful tune, Liseth doesn’t really do anything of merit. I’m guessing that she’ll be showing up again (especially after the words she left for Simon).

No Eduardo Pansica for this issue, but instead Ronan Cliquet pencils this particular chapter. One of the best parts of being a Green Lantern is seeing imagination turned into an actual weapon. That’s where this issue shines. Sure, it’s easy to draw a random blast of energy or a bubble to demonstrate the power of a Green Lantern but believe me when I tell you that seeing Simon create a Hotwheels track (complete with cars) to transport refugees off a destructing planet was sheer joy. Ronan Cliquet’s art isn’t the flashiest art, but it’s solid art that delivers each and every time the pencil is handed towards him. That sums it up perfectly, Green Lanterns just comic book joy!

Green Lanterns #34 earns a 4/5

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