REVIEW: Green Lanterns #30


FLASHBACK, you’re in part of a big project and showtime is upon us. Remember that uneasy feeling right before the event began? Well that’s what Jessica and crew are dealing (plus a power hungry Volthoom). Warning they’re will be spoilers as you read further. You have been warned!

If you’ve been reading my reviews since Rebirth, then it’s common knowledge that the art has been a big focal point of my criticisms. Thankfully the series has retained some level of consistency but this issue was a step backwards. Now I understand that the double shipping factor does not help but I have to judge the final product for what it is. Carlo Barberi’s art in this issue could be described as off kilter. I can’t but see the Bruce Timm influence in certain panels, but it lacks the smooth line art that Barberi wants to replicate. Facial expressions are bit to over the top, and awkward body positioning ┬ádid not make this issue an enjoyable read. What’s odd is that towards the end of the comic the art does look better, but despite the increase in quality the art overall doesn’t gel with the rest of the series.

Speaking of Baz, perhaps I should have seen this coming the second that he’s ring was broken but I really rolled my eyes at Baz with four power rings at once. This isn’t the first time that Humphries has given Simon a power that no Green Lantern has ever used before and I don’t understand why Humphries needs to give Baz special abilities to make him unique. It’s hard to say if this a deus exmachina at this juncture, but it just feels lazy. Right before Simon gains his new found power, the moment of him walking right up to Volthoom was an actual heroic moment. It reminds the readers that Green Lanterns aren’t special because of the rings, it’s their willpower that defines them. This issue flips that notion and makes it all about the power rings, and I’m not even a Green Lantern purist but I hope this is the end of Simon’s new powers.

One particular aspect that really stuck out to me was Volthoom’s conversation with the people of Maltus. One would assume that the entire planet would be against this mad man, but if fact this small segment of people are rooting for his victory against the Guardians. It plays along with Humphries wanting the reader to sympathize with Volthoom’s plight, so I would have liked at least one more scene similar to this prior to this issue. I’m secretly hoping for the people of Maltus to gang up on Simon when the next issue starts.

This was honestly a step backwards given the previous issues. Mostly because of the art starting off on a bad foot (only for it to look decent at the finish line). This first confrontation with Volthoom did have an epic feeling to it and while Simon’s dialog was cheesy it certainly enhanced the battle for me.

Green Lanterns #30 earns a 3/5

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