REVIEW: Green Lanterns #28


You know what always sucked for me in school? When the teacher (mostly a science teacher), would announce¬†pick partners (or we are a assigned partners).¬†I can’t speak for everybody here, but I hate working with people I don’t know. I was unlucky in that I never got classes with my friends, and being introverted as I was (and still am) making friends is very difficult. Banding people together for one common purpose is a classic trope in the world of comics, but when it works it’s a trope that can bring new excitement to any title. Warning they’re will be spoilers going forward. You have been warned.

So this is the issue that we finally gather all seven original Green Lanterns who will turn the tides against Volthoom. I’ve been pretty critical that Humphries devoted page time to these unknown Green Lanterns, who pretty much shared similar events. I held out hope that that perhaps this will make me care about the characters in some fashion, but for me it didn’t work. If Humphries didn’t bother to introduce any of the original Green Lanterns prior to this issue, I think I would have liked this issue more. Since this group probably won’t stick around once this business with Volthoom is finished. Let the characters individuality show up in the current arc instead of shoehorning in an origin in prior issues so readers can connect with them.

The odd thing is that Humphries wrote each of these Lanterns with various personalities shining brightly. So then why have take page time to show each of them receiving the ring? You don’t need something like that for characters like these. What I did love is Jessica taking command of the situation. I made a note of that from the previous issue, but I kinda expected her to have an anxiety attack, given the situation she and Simon are in. I jumped out of my seat and cheered for her, I’m sure within her internal thoughts she must be doubting herself, but it didn’t stop her from stepping up to the plate. I’m sure as the arc goes on she will get into her own head (I don’t blame, considering what awaits her), but knowing she has the strength to overcome her mental problems is a testament to the growth of her character.

Pansica is back once again, and even though I feel it was not necessary for Humphries to give a brief origin on the Kryptonian joining the team the art was spectacular. I’m not sure if Pansica was behind the designs for the Lanterns, but even without dialog readers get a small taste of where this character are from. Now some Green Lantern purists might be upset at how vastly different these uniforms look, but given that these Lanterns are the original seven I love that they retain some aspect of their culture. It’s not just a cop uniform that fits over them in a unique way. From an art perspective, seeing the Kryptonian die due to her willpower having a power surge, her face say it all. The agonizing pain (which doesn’t get brought up much these days) as she tries to control her ring, combine with the Jessica’s manic attempt to calm her all great depictions of sequential art. I love Pansica on this book, never leave Pansica.

Despite my complaints, I still enjoyed the meeting of past and current Green Lanterns. Seeing new characters bear the Green Light is always exciting and with all of them being very different aliens (and one elemental) could and should provide unique character dynamics as this arc moves forward. Overall and fun issue of a team coming together for the first time.

Green Lanterns #28 earns a 3/5


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