REVIEW: Green Lanterns #27


STRANDED! I hope that got your attention, because I couldn’t think of anything clever for this week. Look man, don’t blame me just blame the heat. It’s weather like this that makes me wish I was flung back into the past where the climate at least felt somewhat normal. Then again I’ve only been on this Earth for twenty seven years so the climate may have been messed in the past and I’m only thinking with nostalgia in mind (even though that’s not possible). You maybe wondering what the hell does any of my ranting have to do with this week issue of Green Lanterns? NOTHING! Now before you read further on, know that spoilers lie ahead. You have been warned.

Given that last issue was a tragic falling of Lucifer, it’s only to be expected that this issue should focus on whatever happened to Simon and Jessica. After digesting this issue, one thought illuminated my mind ┬áJessica has evolved past her fragile state of mind, at least to the point where she isn’t becoming a shrinking violet. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t expect her to have her moments of doubt or a panic attack, but to see her take charge of the situation. In fact seeing Simon freak out, which left Jessica be the voice of reason shows how far she’s come as a character. I have a feeling that before this arc is over we’ll more of Jessica taking charge.

Honestly the pacing of this issue is what made the issue extremely fun. Humphries could have drawn out the separation between the two lanterns, but instead we get a break neck racing issue with both of them running from various forms of life. Perhaps my favorite sequence that is Jessica asking if they can find any peace and quiet on this planet, then the following page has them breaking out of a sea creature’s belly. Admittedly it was a bit jarring when going from one page to to next, but the implication that neither of them stopped running was fantastic. Now before I finished this issue, Humphries decided to break the pace up and give us a flashback to one of the original Green Lanterns and I was once again prepared to ask what is the point of these flashbacks. Let’s just say that resolution is right around the corner.

Ronan Cliquet returns and while he’s had the opportunity to draw alien creatures/humanoids but seeing him draw prehistoric life with various forms that made sense and made no sense at the same time. They’re was a touch of whimsy in the creatures that Cliquet drew, almost studio Ghibli esque. One critic I did have was only on one page, but it was during Simon’s freak out. I get that Simon isn’t the most animated out of the two lanterns, but his expression didn’t seem to fit his reaction to their location. Overall still consistent quality work and I’m over the moon that Cliquet has officially become part of the circulation of artists.

Maybe I’m just an idiot, and I can’t see the obvious but I loved Humphries twist near the end of this issue. Seeing the White Lantern Entity made me rush to my long boxes (because I remember Nekron stabbing it at the end of Blackest Night) so I was ready to write shenanigans over and over again for my review, but the twist that Cruz and Baz were sent to the Earth in the past made everything fall in line. Overall a really fun issue of Green Lanterns.

Green Lanterns #27 earns a 4/5

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