REVIEW: Green Lanterns #25


Can you believe that it’s already been one year since DC relaunched it’s entire line for Rebirth. Over the course of ten years of reading comics, I’ve read several relaunches some with mitigating success and some that ultimately get scrapped or another reboot. It goes without saying that I’ve loved what DC has done over the past year and I’m uber excited for what they have for the rest of this year. As for Green Lanterns while I’ve been highly critical of certain story choices and the struggle to keep a consistent art team, I still enjoy reading it whenever it comes out. So let’s see how Sam Humphries plans to start out his second year on Green Lanterns. Warning they’re will be spoilers.

Robson Rocha returns on pencils and I’m pretty sure that I enjoy his art more when Daniel Henriques inks his work. The line work brings great detail to each panel and brings in something that belongs in this comic. The settings both past and present give the feeling of a lived in world, the classic George Lucas approach to world building. Even though this comic is based in science fiction I love the small touch of mysticism in reference to the Vault of Shadows, a combination of the two to bring a distinct visual to readers. By now you know I love facial expressions, sequential storytelling and body expression when I read a comic. Even if you aren’t fond of the line work you have to admire the facial expression by Rocha, they’re a tad bit over the top but still resonate the emotional response required. Personally I love what Rocha did with Volthoom face, the perfect balance of insanity and desperation. Hopefully Rocha sticks around for more than one issue this time around.

I do have one minor nitpick and that has to do with the flashback to Colu. Now outside of the two Brainiacs I don’t much knowledge in relation to this planet, but I’m really getting tired of seeing cultures who have no real connection to Earth mirror how we as society currently function. I have no problem with the Colu woman having a girlfriend, but the fact that she’s fighting against her parent, while struggling to find a job and to pay rent. It was just two on the nose for me, especially since this was in the past it makes no sense for them to reflect how we function.

As for the main story itself, it felt like I was watching the opening to a movie. It had a slow start, but once Volthoom completes his transformation that is when really enjoyed this comic. I’m not jumping for joy at giving Volthoom empathy but hopefully as this arc goes on, the focus will center on his villainy rather than his tragic backstory. If you’ve missed the first year of Green Lanterns then try this issue as it gives you a little bit of everything of what’s been going on for the past year.

Green Lanterns #25 earns a 4/5

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