REVIEW: Green Lanterns #11

Before you read this review, I want you to go your mirror and just look at yourself. Don’t take a selfie, don’t shed clothing just examine yourself and your current state of affairs. Okay you’re back? Despite our achievements or disappointments we all still day dream about jobs or accomplishments that will most likely never happen for one reason or another. Hell I dream of being the WWE champion at Wrestlemania with fireworks celebrating my victory over John Cena. What exactly does this self introspective stuff have to do with Green Lanterns? Read further on, but be warned that spoilers are to follow.

Gonna just say it right off the bat, but this is the best issue of Green Lanterns so far. Oddly enough it’s because of Frank Laminski takes center stage. Yes Frank is playing the role of the antagonist, but as of this issue with how Sam Humphries has written him I wouldn’t call him a villain at all. His origin story has been covered but it’s this with this issue that we see his character in full force now that he’s actually been given the one object he’s lusted over for years. Humphries rode a beautiful line between adoring hero and glory hog jackass. I adore that Humphries isn’t turning Laminiski into a cackling villain, that’s Volthoom’s role, which allows Frank instead to play the role of pawn.

It makes his situation actually feel sympathetic because he’s being used by Volthoom and it’s hard not give him the benefit of the doubt when he rescues the kid, but then it all changes. It’s the facial tic that reveals Franks true nature. I’ve been very critical or Rocha’s art but in this one panel that shows Franks utter annoyance at being asked for more despite saving a life, is captured perfectly. You remove the “tsk” word balloon and it still conveys Franks emotion.

On the other spectrum there comes a time when heroes especially early on in their career will have some egg on their face. With Simon Baz taking the full front of the abuse from not only the reporter but outside criticism from Batman and Carol Ferris and this sequence actually makes me relate to Baz than anything previously. He was unexpectedly put under the microscope and didn’t handle it with ease but struggled with trying to strip Frank of his power while trying to save face with the public. It was nice a change of pace from the emotional pressure on Jessica to Simon.

Focusing back onto Rocha’s art, some might be conflicted with how he depicted Frank’s facial expressions be a bit more exaggerated but I found them to be perfect. Not even just his panels focusing on his annoyance but the look of arrogance after he’s saved the kid and his dog from the tornado, or when he tries to laugh of Baz’s words that he’s not a real Green Lantern. It’s also in his body expression as well, his body showing no care that other Green Lanterns are there exemplifies his true nature that words cannot express.

The only real problem I had with this issue was that Frank immediate turned into an Orange Lantern so quickly. It would have been nice to see Laminski being untouchable due how civilians perceive him and allow Frank to live that fantasy he’s wanted then pull the rug from underneath him. Besides that, I really enjoyed this issue of Green Lanterns with most of centering around Frank’s characterization.

Green Lanterns #11 earns a 4/5

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