REVIEW: Convergence: Green Lantern Parallax #1

Grab your filler comics, grab your filler comics so that DC can actually put something out for the next two months! All kidding aside, yes the Convergence is upon us with all of it’s nostalgia riding shotgun. I’m going to put this out there that I was not feeling this “event” when it was initially announced. However after some promotional art was released I was intrigued, and it gave me the hope that the teams behind these two part issues can drum up something entertaining and not formulaic at all.

When it comes to tie-ins there is a certain criteria that needs to be addressed when reading them. For me personally if a tie-in should be an expansion of the main series, but not be required reading to understand the main series. In that instance this comic understands it perfectly, with this being just a fight book and from what I can tell doesn’t push the plot of Convergence further. So fear not Convergence readers, unless you like the idea of Hal Jordan as Parallax returning for a reunion tour. In this instance Green Lantern Parallax did a good enough job of supplying extra content for those that may be interested in what Parallax is up to.

However because this is only centered on Parallax, means that this book isn’t new reader friendly in many ways. While the issue does give a primer to what Hal did during Emerald Twilight, and there is the same info at the back which makes the latter redundant. In short because half the issue is dedicated to exposition on what Hal Jordan did, plus his guilt trip, and the other half is focused on the “battle.” In other words you get a recap of a story that is over twenty years old and a meaningless fight that will ultimately means nothing.

I did enjoy seeing Hal actually be remorseful for what he had done. This is clearly a case of Hal losing it and not the case of a yellow space bug. Despite that I’m speaking mainly about Hal Jordan, 90’s era Kyle Rayner but he’s really just a footnote with again the focus on the depressed Hal. Kyle comes off as a tool for exposition, making his cameo pointless.

On the artistic side I can sum it up in one word, safe. Simple panel layouts with an occasional splash page of either Kyle or Parallax. There really isn’t much to say other than that.

Convergence: Green Lantern Parallax #1 is a  complete waste of time. There isn’t a plot but rather pointless exposition and a fight that means nothing, even if you’re a fan of Parallax this particular issue does nothing to add to his character. This was a perfect example of style but no substance at all. Plus I’ve been talking to the ref and even the style is in question. Do not buy this book, just go back and reread Emerald Twilight.

Green Lantern Parallax #1 earns a 1/5

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