REVIEW: Green Lantern New Guardians #37

With less than a week till Christmas, which also means that the marathon known as Godhead is nearing it’s finale. It’s been a roller coaster since this crossover started back in October but it’s always a bit shocking when a crossover of this magnitude is nearly over. So with the status of High Father becoming mad with power it’s interesting to note the “good guys” have yet to go on the offensive. So will this issue actually begin the momentum shift? Or will it be yet another wall of an issue akin to the previous chapter.

Even though readers have watched Carol and Kyle develop as a couple for several months now, for the characters themselves it hasn’t been very long since their first kiss. Give credit to Jordan for making their relationship feel real and tangible despite the time their time together, and it’s right in the middle of a crossover where Carol and Kyle have their first fight.

Given the context of their situation the scene feels a bit out of place for Carol to explode in displeasure Kyle over her becoming Alex Dewitt for a bit. One could talk it up to the stress that both have been through in such a short amount of time but a moment like this just doesn’t feel earned, it feels shoehorned in just for the sake of drama. Carol does have a legit reason to be upset, it’s just that Jordan chose a wrong moment to deliver what could have been a more impacting scene later on.

Lucky the drama is over quickly with Metron showing up who serves as a plot device to get Kyle and Carol to their inevitable destination against High Father. Jordan’s attempt at humor to break the tension from the previous scene works well enough for how absurd with Kyle chucking a rock at him. Metron did come off less than stoic and more chesire cat in this small scene but again it’s short before the plot once again moves on.

The biggest gripe I’ve had with Godhead is the lack of actual connectivity between the titles, so it’s a bit late in the game for the characters to finally come together. While this could have been a emotional moment, it feels downplayed due their given situation, I’m not expecting the rest of the issue dedicated to Kyle being welcomed back into the fold but a one panel hug between Saint Walker and Kyle just doesn’t sit well.

Sadly the remaining issue serves as an action set piece into one of the oddest transitions to a final fight ever. The pacing picks up quickly, one minute the team begins to fight New Genesis guards and after one more oddly placed scene with the Guardians, before a quick clash against High Father. The issue ends rather abruptly, leaving a bad taste that there are still three chapters left with no movement of the larger plot. Wheels turning in place.

I’ve grown to like Diogenes Neves since he’s been on the book from about the summer, but his body features and facial expressions just looked off in this issue. He did an amazing job of the “fight” scene between Carol and Kyle capturing their emotional turmoil but other pages didn’t have that same punch. Marc Deering & Buchemi were the artist for the final few pages and it’s instantly a different style with a nicer line.

While New Guardians had some good character moments (albeit a bit oddly placed) it still feels like the story hasn’t moved an inch with three chapters to go. Plus that cover art is possibly worst cover I’ve seen yet.

Green Lantern New Guardians earn a 3/5

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