REVIEW: Green Lantern New Guardians #34

It’s that time again to dive into what has become everyone’s favorite horror comic! While I jest I’m only half kidding as New Guardians has seemingly transformed into a book that has me looking behind to see if someone is following me. However after last month’s revelations, the fear has shifted into pity. One could say that a person’s biggest fear is regret or feeling hopeless in a given situation. So take that and see if it applies to an immortal being. An immortal being who’s previous incarnations felt that emotions were weak. What if a Guardian could cry?

While the opening sequence isn’t a graphic as Quaros from the previous issue, Walker only teasing the machinations, leaving the reader to imagine what horrors stay hidden in the darkness. The less is more approach to horror. Immediately cutting to Carol and Kyle in their fight against the leader of the Psions.

There is little action in this first few panels, but as with issues past the exchange between Carol and Kyle continues to engaging. They don’t act like a couple but rather they act like two friends who have known each other for a long time. Which is what a great couple looks like from time to time. The dialog is filled with quip, but it doesn’t feel cheesy and it moves the story along. Plus it was cool to see Carol form a Kaiju construct.

Since Godhead is right around the corner, it seems Jordan is tasked with dropping a mother box into his book. No clear explanation is made into how the Psions got a hold of one, but seeing one is chilling enough. The “cameo” doesn’t hinder the story which is the most important thing to remember. Carol on her way to find Quaros is ambushed by other Psions. It’s still interesting that Carol is still worried about Kyle’s well being. I can understand it to a degree but she comes off as overprotective.

Yes it was just one mention in this issue, but when you take accounts from the previous issues then it feels like her character has been slightly altered. It’s nice that she can still handle problems on her own and not have Kyle worry about her well being. Hopefully Jordan will lean back from Carol’s constant concern for Kyle as this relationship moves forward.

The climax of this issue begins with Kyle and the New Guardians discovering Quaros in his disassembled state. The sheer shock and tears from The Guardians faces tell the story, which Walker captures nicely. Excellent storytelling in this powerful scene. It all boils down to Quaros making the ultimate sacrifice to allow the rest of the team to escape. With the combination of words and art you can feel the sorrow that Quarors has and considering what it known about the Psions, it adds to the sorrow.

This Guardians death actually hurt and felt real, and that’s due to Jordan building them as actual characters instead of plot devices to be used in huge events. A defeatist victory to wrap up this twisted storyline.

New Guardians #34 wrapped up this twisted Psion story in a neat bow. Brad Walker continues to excel as a storyteller while also doing some amazing splash pages and breathtaking action sequences. Just remember ping,ping, ping.

Green Lantern New Guardians earns a 4/5

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