REVIEW: Green Lantern New Guardians #31


Oh boy, I’m still reeling after the last annual for New Guardians, but now the regular title must press on. Sometimes the best solution to a problem is for one to remove themselves from the given situation. Give yourself some perspective and perhaps that individual can find the answer to the turbulence they are currently in. Maybe that person should be forced to leave? Well that’s exactly where we find Kyle at this given crossroad. He’s either become or becoming something bigger than his mind could comprehend. It looks like Kyle will have to look deep inside himself to figure out this problem.

The issue opens with a brief recap for any reader who missed out the New Guardians annual. It does a great job of hitting the key points that took place, wasting little time to advance the plot further along. There is one minor nitpick though, in one panel we see Kyle briefly fighting against Oblivion and he looks more like a Green Lantern rather than the all black figure from the annual. It’s an oversight but I couldn’t help but notice.

The opening segment’s feels similar to the famous Doctor Manhattan chapter from Watchmen. While Kyle isn’t giving up humanity or creating structures out thin air, Kyle is questioning the state of person and his power. Kyle’s emotions run the gambit as he tries to asses what exactly is happening to him. He even tries to commit suicide, but either his force or the white lanterns power, he doesn’t.

Diogenes Neves takes on pencil duties and while his style is similar to Brad Walkers it’s the less lines and his facial expressions are a tad bit exaggerated. Nothing that will pull the reader from the story, but it is noticeable.

Diogenes does a great job on the double page spread of this empty city that Kyle stumbles upon. The tone becomes more unsettling as Kyle treks his way into the city and due to his powers partially discovers what happened to the people of this planet.

The creepy atmosphere lingers and the book itself has seemingly transformed into a light horror book. Kyle’s powers somehow created life without him trying. If that isn’t unsettling then I don’t know what is.

Kyle manages to find some tunnels which disturbs him even more due to what they remind him of. This all is mundane until Kyle finds the heart of the planet. Diogene’s doesn’t render it like a human art but the veins help give it’s shape.

Kyle is told the in full detail what happened, proving that creators and the creator can both be equally messed up. It’s a bit of an info dump and the point is to show Kyle exactly what power of his magnitude can do. It’s a tad bit heavy handed but Jordan gets the point across.

After a brief and lackluster scuffle with the sentient planet, Kyle ultimately is forced to take down this threat. The issue concludes with Kyle dwelling but finds the resolve to figure this problem with his loved ones.

This issue was more of what New Guardians has been about post Lights Out, but the stakes feel higher since the annual. However it feels like now the series is treading water just a tad as it waits for the next big moment to happen to cast of New Guardians.

Green Lantern New Guardians #31 earns a 3/5

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