REVIEW: Green Lantern New Guardians #30

Transforming is a  natural occurring phenomena in our world. However we don’t think of our mundane changes as a phenomenal, they are simply part of every day life as we continue to exist on this small blue planet we call home. So then what happens when an individual changes into something larger than life, something that is in comprehensible. Will they and those around them even notice the transformation, and if they do who’s to say that this is good or bad. Kyle Rayner himself is changing, here he continues his journey to who no’s what. Let’s open up the comic and find out shall we.

Jordan wastes no time as the action picks up right where last issue left off. The dialog comes off as bit cliche, but considering the setting and tone this book has set, it still stays perfectly in tone with previous issues of this run. Although the dialog coming from Guardians Zalla and Paalko was a nice chuckle.

So how exactly can these God Killers stand up to the universes most powerful weapon and a handful of Guardians? Well that fell to Brad Walker as he expertly shows them simply plowing through constructs and energy alike. Jordan doesn’t explain anything in writing here, it’s all artistic story telling. Plus it adds more mystery to the technology the God Killers are using.

However it turns out that killing X’Hal isn’t the easiest accomplishment and now her body reflects her mood. Pure firestorm going on with this Goddess, but the God Killers have a solution for that. This makes them a more menacing threat, the strict military ruthlessness is similar to the Romans, but more over the top.

X’Hal becomes flame incarnate as her wrath literally envelops all forces around her. This page was my personal favorite coming from this issue. The lively flames and being able to only see her arms and legs. Her main body engulfed by rage itself. It’s a striking and beautiful image.

Now X’Hal becomes the threat, but in a desperate action Kala in rage attacks the God Killers leader only to be impaled. Her passing away reminds me of someone who never lost their faith no matter what is said or done. Believing in something can be a powerful thing, at least that’s what I took away from that scene.

Feeding of the rage of X’Hal, Kyle becomes blood thirsty but thanks to Carol quickly stopped. Carol quickly forms a plan where Kyle will use the commanders love and the powers of the Indigo light to transport every single God Killer to a remote region of space. Walker delivers a nice double page spread showing the various locations of said God Killers.

Kyle is left exhausted and is told that he shouldn’t have been able perform that action. Leading to the reader to ask more questions about what exactly is happening to Kyle and his powers as the White Lantern. One chapter closes and another one opens right up.

The issue itself provided a solid conclusion to this arc, Walker and Jordan continue to push the idea of what Kyle Rayner’s role is heading forward. Nice character moments from both Carol and two of the New Guardians, combine all this with the epilogue showing that the God Killers are  far from done and you a well presented issue.

Green Lantern New Guardians earns a 3/5

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