REVIEW: Green Lantern New Guardians #29


The concept of religion has to be one of the most controversial subjects in real life or in science fiction stories. With the recent shift for this particular series it’s only fitting that the idea of Godhood comes into play where the main character has the potential as a God and his companions could be considered Gods themselves. However when it comes to any type of story there are two sides to any conflict which can lead to revelations that could potentially shatter a person of faith. So how exactly does all this mumbo jumbo tie into the latest issue of New Guardians? Well let’s open page one and find out.

Rewinding the clock a bit as Jordan decides to show the origin of this religion that debuted last issue. Drawing more from western religion Jordan doesn’t put you into the mind of the Goddess X”Hal herself, but rather the suffering of her people while she was away and their hope when she returns. Walker’s design for the Goddess is simply awe inspiring, as the use of lines make her flames come to life, giving the illusion of movement. This rendition of the Goddess feels very Phoenix inspired,with how her hair is laid out but the use of fire and one can’t help but make the comparison. That’s not a negative thing it’s just something I picked up on personally.

Slinging back to the present as we rejoin the team and Walker waste no time in displaying what power Kyle and company are dealing with. In one panel where X’Hal is about to break Carol’s construct it appears that Walker rendered her with a slight smirk on the Goddess face. In a subtle way mocking Carol’s vain attempt at containment.

We then get a exchange between the Goddess and Guardians over the nature of what it means to be a diety, and she makes a decent case considering their history and the Guardians have done for the universe as a whole. Jordan’s depiction of The Goddess alternates between a gentle Goddess and with an old testament look in her eyes. Walker enhances the old testament version where he has her face disappears and the flames form her angered expression.

Kyle decides to go with the servant where he might be convinced to help X’Hal and here we get a small dose of Carol’s jealousy or that’s how I read that panel. Kyle of course still being oblivious to it all. It still continues to be a humorous gag, but hopefully somebody will take the first step in making this an official relationship.

As Kyle hears out the plans X’Hal and it makes Kyle question himself and his own power and how he should do more. Before Kyle can learn more information, a explosion occurs leading to the entrance of The God Killers. The page where the God Killer kneels is just fantastic, the cape flickering in the back round is a nice touch.

It turns out the God Killer knows the true origins of X’Hal and how she came to be and just like that what we know changes everyone’s perception. Walker sells the moment with how X’Hal turns away from her acolyte in shame and tears of revelation. The last page is striking with the God Killers impaling X’Hal. If that doesn’t make you want to come back next month I don’t know what will.

This issue of New Guardians continues the excellence but also brings a more philsophical touch with the discussion of what being a God actually means. I know I say this every time but Walker continues to get better and better with each issue.

Green Lantern New Guardians receives a 4/5


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