REVIEW: Green Lantern New Guardians #28


Religion is a touchy subject. Religion in a nutshell is supposed to bring peace to the individual and to a larger extent bring peace to a group of people from various back rounds. However as humanity has seen over the centuries, religion has brought conflict. Whether it’s over conflicting ideologies or simply because one person doesn’t have faith and hates the idea of someone else believing in something in their minds can’t exist. What does this have to do with the recent issue of Green Lantern New Guardians? Well everything in fact, as Justin Jordan and Brad Walker take Kyle and friends deeper into the ambiance of the universe.

The issue opens in space sector 0169, where Jordan drops the reader in the middle of ritual. However this opening sequence Brad Walker’s art shines. His rendering of the mysterious God is simply angelic, the combination of the light and loose body language adds to sheer wonder of what is exactly occurring. While Walker has proven he can render the majestic, the face of this young alien and his terror. Even with the face of a bug, Walker’s was able to mold it’s face to show it’s sheer terror.

This sentimental moment is quickly ruined with  where an unknown assailant kills the God, and proclaims that he has freed them and now they can start anew. I can’t help but notice how this character has a Roman Centurion design to it. It’s the combination of the cape and head piece that gives off the vibe. Considering how Romans treated early Christianity, it’s a nice subtle choice if that is the case.

The book eventually catches up with Kyle and company, and the banter between Carol and Kyle is simply adorable. While it hasn’t crossed the threshold of relationship, the friendship these two have developed has been handed masterfully. Plus it’s awesome to see that Jordan is giving the New Guardians more a playful personality, rather than the dry previous Guardians. It breathes more life into the book.

As the group decends onto the planet Kaolos where this religion has been performing missionary work. I’m not to familiar with Kyle as a character, but he does paint religion with an ugly brush. I’m not sure if Kyle had a bad experience with religion, it felt needless and forced.

Before any of them could get settled, they land right in the middle of a war zone. Walker’s double page spread here is rich with detail whether it’s the buildings in he back round or how each alien on screen looks and acts differently. It’s the small details that adds even more richness.

Jordan does delve into a two page exposition scene between Kyle, Carol, and this new character Kaland’r. While there were flashes of that snappy banter this scene is to much of an info dump and it brings the story to a halt. Lucky that all changes where the banter and humor returns in full form with Kyle and Carol discussing how they go about handling this threat and one of the Guardians attempting a cease fire.

To stop even further blooshed, Kyle uses the power of compassion to stop the cease fire. It’s refreshing to see Kyle actually use other parts of the emotional spectrum, but it’s nice to see it not beaten to death every single issue. It makes it more special when it does happen.

This issue concludes with the God X’Hal arriving in a fiery glory. Walker’s art here is pure chaos in the good way, as the God rips through the city streets with rabid flames bursting from the God itself. It’s a spectacular image. We then catch up with even more centurion looking beings and it appears they were looking for X’Hal. This all adds to the intrigue and it makes me (and hopefully others) see all this interesting parties mix in the next issue.

Overall this was yet another great issue of Green Lantern New Guardians, putting Kyle in interesting situations with some fun dialog and explosive action sequences. The only minus would the be the small info dump but that doesn’t cripple this issue.

Green Lantern New Guardians receives a 4/5

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