REVIEW: Green Lantern New Guardians #27

The spotlight now turns to our resident White Lantern Kyle Rayner and his misadventures through the universes to find out more about the reservoir and possibly his true purpose as the White Lantern. This new direction for New Guardians has the best potential for character development and it allows a contrast for the three corps Green Lantern titles. You combine that with the Star Trek like tone that’s been established from the previous two issues and this could create a wonderful space Odyssey for Kyle and company. Finally of course it’s the potential relationship between Kyle and Carol that could prove to be the most interesting for the Green Lantern mythos. Well let’s open page one and find out shall we?

The issue begins with the return of Exeter the keeper who if you remember was the one guarding Relic’s cage until all hell broke loose, but it appears that something is wrong on his home plane. Which leads to Kyle and crew to investigate and help. This isn’t Brad Walker on art this time around instead we have Andrei Bressan on pencils and he (or she) continues the excellence that Walker has set up. The action sequences feel a bit claustrophobic, but not to point where the reader is lost. The actual designs on the different Kalimawans are all visually different and while that doesn’t add anything to the story it’s a nice small detail that makes this world feel alive.

So after Kyle and Carol take down the remaining Kalimawans,will the help of the Guardians we learn that Exeter’s people have had their brains hacked. While these pages do move the plot forward, putting our main characters into a situation where punches can’t be the end game it’s the fleshing out of Exeter’s personality is what shines here. Jordan doesn’t exactly write him as comic relief but given his actions and everybody’s reaction you can’t help but chuckle at what Exeter says or does.

Jordan transitions to a ship yard that appears to be the source of this issue’s problems, but before they could even do anything the team is attacked before they have a chance to do anything else. Jordan has Kyle and Carol banter and it Exeter calls it romantic banter which leads to Kyle being dumbstruck, but before he has a chance act another wave of enemies comes through. While this was small page it is the first time that Carol acknowledges albeit a very quiet acknowledgment of her feelings for Kyle. It was humorous that Kyle was in a lost but it was cute nonetheless.

After breaking through a wave of enemies, the reader is shown the manipulator. While this isn’t this characters real body the way Bressan renders him is fantastic. His body language oozes confidence and his bravado is that much greater when he is attacked. It’s most likely due to him not being in his own body but it’s cool to see a villain act like this from time to time.

The issue wraps up tables being turned as the Guardians managed to fix the Kalimawans who turn their attentions towards our unknown enemy. After throwing him in a cell Jordan has nice conversation between Exeter and Kyle and in blunt fashion tells Kyle that Carol has feelings towards him, leaving Kyle feeling awkward.

This issue was a lot a fun, as it’s still continuing that sci fi tone which is a bonus. Exeter is nice addition to this book and hopefully Jordan brings him back somewhere down the road. The nicest surprise was Andre Bressan on art and how good the art is. Hopefully Bressan will be called on when Walker needs a break.

Green Lantern New Guardians receives a 4.5/5

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