REVIEW: Green Lantern New Guardians #26

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and what an amazing year it has been for fans of the good ole Green Lantern Corps. It’s especially been a crazy year for Kyle himself considering the situation he has found himself in over the past several months since the new creative teams took over. Considering the recent issue of New Guardians it appears that this new direction appears to be leaning towards a Star Trek esque approach. Visiting new worlds experiencing new cultures. While so asking moral questions of who is right and what is wrong when both sides have legitmate claims to what they are doing. The greater is question, how can Kyle solve these problems without endangering his friends and innocents around him? Well let’s open page on and find out shall we?

This issue picks up right where Jordan finished last month’s issue with the invasion of Exuras from a parallel Exuras. Jordan waste no time getting right to the action of the issue as the fighting immediately starts.However the device that makes the issue that much more interesting is the “intelligent structure” from last issue prevents Kyle from harming the invaders forcing him to play defense instead of offense. It’s quite nice for a writer to see a different way to solve a superhero fight rather than constructing way through a situation. Walkers art has a wild energy about it giving the action sequences more lively.

With the invasion underway here is where this issue enters Crisis mode, with all the various realities of Exuras appearing over the current reality in charge. While this is on a smaller scale than any Crisis book it’s still a fun visual and interesting plot that Jordan has the reader on. Walker’s art here shines with well done scale of the heavens splintered above the planet to our fellow heroes battling to keep the planet’s people safe. Each page is clear and crisp, never confusing the reader on what is being rendered.

However at a glance this may look like just like a typical invasion, with the revelation coming from last issue of why they are here it brings a philosophical nature to the issue at and. Is one Utopia okay while the other  realities suffer as one of the characters in the issue points out. Jordan presents both sides of the argument in a elegant fashion.

All this puts Kyle in a position that (even before the final few pages) that he is clearly uncomfortable with. Seeing Kyle dictate how a society should act. Given the circumstances it’s okay in this situation but it still feels off putting. That isn’t a negative towards the issue but a positive as it puts Kyle in unfamiliar but with the conclusion of the issue it doesn’t change who he is internally. It only lead to Kyle asking questions of himself as he goes forward with the Guardians.

While there was no advancing of the Carol and Kyle relationship, there was some nice bantering back and forth between the two, but with Kyle zipping off into space lamenting on his edict he laid down, it’s going to be interesting to see where this relationship goes heading into next year.

Overall this issue was a thrill ride from start to finish,with the idea of Kyle using his position due to his power set in a interesting dynamic. Walker continues to get better and better each month, the sky is the limit for Brad Walker as Green Lantern: New Guardians heads into 2014

Green Lantern New Guardians receives a 4/5

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