REVIEW: Green Lantern Lost Army #3


Have you ever hated someone in your life? Chances are you have, and while the circumstances of a persons rage towards another human being differ, that emotional wave is something we are all familiar with. That memory can stay with a person for quite a while, depending on the person. However what if you could meet said person under different circumstances? Would you stay the course and allow rage and mistrust to guide you or will you attempt to change that predetermined fate? That’s where John Stewart face themselves with the one who destroyed Oa (no not Parallax Hal Jordan).

With the first two issues dedicated to setting up the paradigm, there hasn’t been munch time for actual development between the platoon of Lanterns. Yes there have been dialog exchanges but in a way the team hasn’t come together yet. Cullen Bunn set’s up a heated relationship between John and Guy. This isn’t new given Guy’s past relationship with any other Green Lantern, it’s the nature of the argument is what’s puzzling. It all begins with Cullen Bunn emphasizing John Stewart’s marine side (still including the pointless flashbacks), this issue I feel that Cullen Bunn goes a bit too far, but not jumping the shark.

Due to time travel shenanigans, John Stewart is forced to lie so that Relic will help out John and the rest of the crew. The lie being that his group is from the future and they came back to save this old universe from imploding itself. In this instance Guy actively tells John that maybe they can save this universe. Given the circumstances I want to agree with John, but tone of his answer makes him seem more militaristic than I’ve ever seen before. It’s not completely out of character but to hear it from John’s own mouth was a bit jarring. This sequence balances on morality and should a person give a damn despite knowing the final fate of their situation.

I almost feel like the roles should be reversed, given my history with Guy as being more selfish than his other amigos. One could say that doesn’t really apply within this series, but then again we don’t really know what Guy’s emotional state is at this given juncture.

Relic has made his presence known since his initial debut two years ago,but for the first time within this series we can see Relic before his world is lost to him. He still carries that cold scientific composure,but as one of the Green Lantern’s said this Relic still has hope. Jesus Saiz’s pencils show that this Relic is not as hostile but you can see the seeds of what is to become of Relic.

Speaking of Jesus Saiz his pencils remain solid, and I deeply enjoyed his acting between John and Guy during their heated discussion. The resentment coupled with potential brewing hatred between the main leaders of this small band of Lanterns. However Saiz didn’t complete the issue but Cliff Richards blended in perfectly with Saiz’s style.

Green Lantern Lost Army while it has some interesting plot lines, nothing has really grabbed me through three issues. It’s not a terrible book mind you, but the plot or future of the Lanterns have me needing the next issue. Hopefully that changes before the year is over.

Green Lantern Lost Army #3 earns a 3/5

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