REVIEW: Green Lantern Corps #40


Everyone has their tragic moments of the past, something we all wish we could change. While the initial event passes the scars remain. Sleepless nights or seemingly endless nightmares, can plague an individual who only seeks one thing. Closure. Something that will bring peace to their minds and hearts and finally be able to move on from the incursion of their souls. Which brings us to John Stewart and the planet of Xanshi. For good or ill the planet of Xanshi has been part of John for over 20 years now, and it’s brought up once again. Will this final issue of Green Lantern Corps finally bring John the closure that he so desperately needs?

Are you ready for the Chris Claremont comparisons? In what I would describe as effortless, Van Jensen not only manages to tie John’s past with current and possibly future story lines along Von Daggle’s own personal search. While it isn’t on the scale that Claremont worked with during his run on X-Men, the idea here is still the same and makes this reader smile to see plots converge at the right time. Granted this was the last issue before every single DC book goes on hiatus, but it didn’t feel rushed.

I can’t speak for everybody but whenever it’s the finale of story I usually want it to accompany some punching along the way. Well thankfully Bernard Chang and Mirko Colak deliver amazing action sequences. The splash pages are well placed which makes them more effective in tDhe grander scheme of the issue. Despite my proclamations for fisticuffs, it’s equally nice that extra attention was given to the quieter and in one case more romantic moments in this swan song. The elegance of being able to balance both of these in one comic just speaks volumes of the writer and artists quality of work.

While I have been glowing about this farewell issue, there was one aspect that just seemed odd and poorly executed. I’m referring of course to the heel turn of Maro. The initial switch isn’t unbelievable but just the way it’s executed makes feel like it’s out of left field. Especially since Maro has had the least character development among the new recruits, his reasons (while not flawed) just don’t come off as genuine. It’s all made worse when he reverses back. I understand why Maro did what he did but reading it just didn’t execute as well as it should.

Speaking of execution, I have wailed on how giving John Stewart a Star Sapphire ring and not using it all during Godhead was a wasted opportunity. Well today I eat my words, and it appears that Van Jensen had the right moment planned all along, in fact shying away from it as long as he did made the moment of John using the power of love to save everyone even more awe inspiring. Finally it gives John the closure that he so desperately needs, after years of Xanshi constantly being brought up. It really feels like one chapter of John’s life has finally ended and he can move onto what’s next. Not a bad way to end the run of this comic, if I might say so myself.

Green Lantern Corps earns a 4/5

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