REVIEW: Green Lantern Corps #37

Less than three weeks before the epic known as Godhead comes to a thrilling conclusion, which means the anticipation is about to become more intense. Betrayal’s plus a possible switch of allegiance has seem to be the running theme with the third act of Godhead. It could be me but I feel that the tide has turn for the respective corps or the writing team will pull something at that last minute to save everyone. The bigger question for this chapter is if they will acknowledge John becoming a Star Sapphire.

The opening scene was an more in depth look into what I call Highfather’s descent into tyrant leadership. While previous issues have shown him committing acts for the greater good, it’s this issue where he’s hit the no going back button. Considering Darkseid is known as the tyrant, which leaves people to believe that Highfather is the benevolent one, and that idea is turned on it’s head. This only enhance when one a follower of Highfather (who deserted Darkseid) abandons him in light of events.

Having not read New Gods I can’t tell whether or not this is a character assassination but this arc for Highfather made this issue a more entertaining read.

However by and large this issue as a whole felt like the story had hit a wall, with neither side gaining or loosing anything. Yes Bernard Chang did deliver excellent action sequences and his even more awesome smirk on Highfather, that didn’t help this issue feel like a piece of a filler. With the exception of a New God turning face, nothing about this issue progressed it forward. What’s especially odd is that the characterizations felt like carbon copies, lacking that personal spark that makes them the unique characters that fans know.

So for the second straight issue, there zero mention of John Stewart becoming a Star Sapphire in the same book where he became a Star Sapphire. Ignoring it for two straight issues in fact does lessen the impact of that moment. It’s something that shouldn’t be put away until Godhead is over with otherwise why make the decision to have John attain this new power otherwise? It is entirely possible that they are saving this for the finale due to John not understanding how love works and he needs someone to show him, but even if that’s the case it’ll have been over a month before it was mentioned again. At this given juncture it feels like a wasted moment and hurts the issue due to it’s lack of acknowledgment.

Finally the art in the issue from Bernard Chang’s art in some panels did have that lack of polish that was in previous issues. His story telling was still top notch but noticeable flaws panels featuring a number of characters but Chang wasn’t the big problem with art. There was a second artist on the book and the book took a nose dive in art quality. The characters have a flat look to them and it just comes off as unfinished. The last panel looks completely rushed with the amount of scratchy lines and lack of details. It comes off as a con sketch, and not something that should be in an actual comic.

This sadly was the worst issue to date for Green Lantern Corps, an uninspired story with fine art to start with but art change it was really hurt the issue overall. Not even Highfathers’ characterization could have saved this issue.

Green Lanterns Corps earns a 2/5

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