REVIEW: Green Lantern Corps #35


You know the players and you know the game, now it’s time to dive just a bit further into Godhead. The biggest issue with Godhead so far is that of the power scale. For the first time in quite a while the New Gods were actually treated like Gods, which is great but from a story perspective it could write this crossover into a hole. For now it appears that this will be a slow burn with bursts of action for each issue. Let’s see if the momentum continues with this issue of Green Lantern Corps.

This issue focuses on John Stewart and his regular strike team to investigate the emotional spectrum blast on Aydin. The opening feels a bit akin to the start of a horror movie. Bernard Chang’s use of shadows coupled with the rubble create a fantastic atmosphere, plus it even concludes with a good ole jump scare from a random monster.

A fine enough transition from B horror movie to action adventure Resident Evil would sure be proud. It appears that the running theme for this event so far is that the latest batch of enemies of the Corps can easily over power their constructs. Even though the crossover has barely started the idea of the GL’s being overpowered is already starting to become a bit cliche, hopefully the reigns are pulled a back a bit as the story progresses.

There is a bit of an interlude with Metron meeting with Highfather on why Aydin was a failure and it feels like wasted real estate in this instance. The reader is already fully aware that Kyle is the key and that High Father’s goal is to obtain the White Ring to rid Darkseid of the Multiverse. The only thing that’s revealed is that Metron has manged to locate Kyle, leading towards the next part of this given act.

The rest of the issue is one gigantic fight between Uggha plus some of his warriors and John plus the rest of his team.While the theme of being over muscled is retreated here once again, the battle itself is more entertaining than the previous two issues. Chang’s kinetic energy on the pages help the battle the flare it deserves. Even though the end result is still the same.

If the battle showed anything it’s that the GL’s will have to use excessive measures to fight this enemy, the prime example being John sniping off Isamot’s arm off to save both him and Vath. Could this be a trend for the rest of the book to follow? The actual issue concludes with Indigo 1 showing up just in the nick of time to save John and company, she sure does have a great habit of doing that.

As one piece this issue was a fine one, Jensen and Chang delivered enough action to keep a reader entertained until next week, but the actual plot didn’t move all that much. Just like last week it can make one wonder if this crossover a bit to drawn out? Only time will tell on that one, other than that a fine issue.

Green Lantern Corps #35 earns a 3/5

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