REVIEW: Green Lantern Corps #33


Welp, here we are. The grand finale to the epic Uprising crossover. A crossover that has more twist than a package of twizzlers could ever hope to contain. That might be an exaggerated statement, but one can’t deny that the rug has been pulled out from Green Lanterns several times. So with the last issue of Green Lantern having an ominous ending, it looks like Van Jensen has one more twist up his sleeve, and let’s just say that the reaper has finally come to claim something from John.

.The opening scene between Yrra and John is quite romantic. While it isn’t the same as walking on the beach on earth,  it’s deserving character moment for both of them after this war against the Durlans. Jensen wastes no time to make John Stewart’s romantic a turn for the worst.

In sadly what is the most predictable twist in this crossover, it turns out that Yrra was in fact a Durlan this entire time. I won’t lie and say that this reveal is disappointing simply because it could be seen by Matt Murdock. That being said sometimes the aftermath of a reveal is where we can the impact. It still doesn’t excuse the lackluster twist though.

Chang’s art on the panel where Yrra reveals her Durlan side looks like something from the H.R. Geiger (RIP). With a mix of Lovecraft, but that’s simply due to the Durlan’s natural design. I’m not sure that was the intent but that’s what I got from those panels. Chang then shows off Yrra in her now powered up form as she prepares to unleash hell on the Green Lantern Corps.

The vertical layouts do allow for a more dynamic view of the action, similar to how Jock would layout a panel. It gives the fight a fresh view, vs the normal layout. Jensen does have Yrra say some painful things as she taunts John over the now fake relationship. It’s hurtful to see this considering the terrible events of recent memory.

The one certain thing in his life, ripped away and any potential of finding the real Yrra is gone. Since this is John Stewart he’s able to refocus himself on the task at hand. Yrra escapes to Mogo to unleash hell.

Nice art touch from Chang that Yrra doesn’t have a grasp on her powers as she jumps towards Mogo. The battle between the Durlan Yrra and the Green Lanterns plays like how a fight between a depowered evil Superman would play out. The action is still entertaining, but it isn’t something one hasn’t seen before.

The real is with Von Daggle as he finally cuts his ties with his Durlan speciecs, by taking away their power and stoping Yrra in the same fashion. A excellent closure for this part of his life. It’s a bit odd that Chang’s renders his face with having no emotion while he makes the Durlans unstable.

The finale ends with Yrra being captured and once again John is put in the position of crossing the line. Jensen draws out every single moment as blood begins to slide down, but because John has actually grown as a character over the past year he takes the difficult road and lets the fake Yrra live.

With this being the end to the crossover, Jensen has the job of teasing the next threat of the “Shadow Empire.” Thereby ending the Uprising crossover. This was another solid issue from the team, and while it didn’t start out amazing the book touched down smoothly.

Green Lantern Corps earns a 3/5

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