REVIEW: Green Lantern Corps #32


Well this crossover has certainly been more than meets the eye. (please don’t sue us Hasbro). The old saying of the enemy of my enemy is my friend and the more important lesson of never under any circumstances should an individual trust a shape shifter. So now the focus of this war has been condensed to two locations as both sides prepare to make their final stand. That being said, there are still two parts left after this, leaving this reviewer with one thought. The Durlans have something else up their sleeves, what danger could it be?

I’ll admit that this thought comes a bit late, considering the crossover is nearly over but it seems to me that both Green Lantern and Corps were written with the idea that some readers may only read one title. While it’s a better overall experience to read them as intended, any reader who chooses to stick with one book will still be satisfied.

Back to the issue at hand.

Jensen doesn’t waste time as he drops Johns squadron right onto the Daxam homeworld, with guns ready to aim and fire. Setting the tone for the rest of the issue itself. Without a single word, Jensen establishes that the Corps is not welcomed here. Later in the issue Jensen does acknowledge their xenophobia but personally this opening scene does a well enough job establishing that front.

Chang’s art emphasizes the tension between to two groups with the Daxamites posture and of course Jruk taking the only course of action he knows.

Sodom reveals to his fellow Daxamites that he is alive, and through this conversation Jensen catches up readers up with what the people of Daxam have been up to since they were all but forgotten over the past several years. The architecture of Daxam does have a Kryptionian feel to it, and I’m not sure if that was Chang’s intention or not. However it isn’t the current vision of Krypton, but to me it reminds how the Superman Animated Series looked. Sleek designs on the space ships and excellent color pallet by Marcelo Maiolo.

Here is where the action begins to pick up as the focus shifts back to Von Daggle, and without warning pushes Salaak away. Putting on his ring once again. While some may argue that this moment should have been a bigger deal, I say it stays true to Daggle’s character ever since he came back.

His hesitation comes across in both words and art. This moment serves better for Von Daggle character rather than a heroic splash page would. Which of course leads us right back to the planet Daxam. Where just like the high temperature in California, the tension still hasn’t dropped.

The tables quickly turn as the Daxams quickly turn on the corps faster than a server at KFC gives you your order. Jensen cuts back to Daggle as we see the end result of his previous actions which leads into a jaw dropping moment. It turns out that the Durlans had already taken over the Daxamitis, prior to their arrival.

Which is given movie star treatment by Chang in a double page splash. This ruse was well done, as Jensen gives the reader no distinct hints and plays up the Daxam’s xenophobia. Admiral Ackbar would be proud of this in a weird way.

Therefor leading to the climax of the issue, where Jensen reveals yet another aspect of the Durlans plot. The only problem I had with the end of the issue itself was the art change. It’s not terrible art by any means, but the its a different enough style to pull any reader of the story.

The last issue itself is ominous with the parent consoling it’s child while their extinction looming on the horizon. Rendered beautifully by Chang, and in that last panel you can see the glimpse of worry from what can be called a facial expression.

Green Lantern Corps #32 turned up the notch again for this crossover, as both Jensen and Chang continue propel to the exciting conclusion.

Green Lantern Corps #32 earns a 4/5

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