REVIEW: Green Lantern Corps #31


One issue in and it appears that Green Lantern Corps has the Khund/Durlan alliance on the run. One chapter in into a six part crossover and the enemy is already calling a retreat. For some that could signify a loose story and the writers aren’t pacing the story properly. Kinda hard to say that with one issue but I know some fans will slide to that argument. For others this could only mean that there is a bigger end game for the overall story and that makes me want to read this crossover more. So let’s see what chapter two has in store for The Green Lantern Corps.

Instead picking up where the previous part of Uprising ended, Van Jensen jumps towards a hidden Durlan base on the cold planet of Corona Seven. The story doesn’t lose any momentum due recapping, instead it’s done over dialog between a Durlan and Khund warrior. The exposition still moves the story along. From an artistic side point, I did enjoy the depressing facial expression on the Durlan. Or at least what can be called a face.

With the use of the double page spread Jensen and Chang finally show how many Green Lanterns were captured. There’s even an old school roll call in the middle of the spread running horizontal. Before the Khund could kill some of Green Lanterns, the action kicks right into gear as a prison break ensues. From a storytelling stand point Chang executes the intended scene nicely. You can see where the knife falls at the top of the page, to it’s logical conclusion.

The use of single color pallets continues in this issue, they do their job of emphasizing the action. It makes the book visually standout from the other Lantern titles.

Before you know it the captured Corps members regain their rings. While many of these are Lanterns fall under the category of less known, they fit perfectly within the Durlan scheme and seeing just how diverse the corps is in a situation like this is fantastic.

Lucky for them the cavalry arrives wasting no time in getting into the fray. The fighting sequences by Chang feel have feels more personal than previous battles. Some of Lanterns simply used their fist, and you could feel all their hate in their faces and body language.

So, while this all was nice now the end of this issue is where the story heads into interesting territory. Plus Jensen and Chang give the reader a sneak peak into a new form of the Durlans. Nothing more than shadow shots or super close ups, The Durlans have sleeves up their sleeves and I love it.

Finally the crew finds a gigantic box prison and who exactly is behind this magnificent prison? None other than the Lantern of prophecy in the Daxam Sodom Yat. Yes the same Sodom Yat who seemingly disappeared under the last regime. In fantastic turn of events the Durlans used Sodom Yat to figure out how to take away Green Lantern rings.

Chang’s single page splash of Sodom’s return is awe inspiring. He perfectly captures the weakened state of Yat, but more so in terms of mentally, physically Yat looks even better than before. The long hair is a nice touch, hopefully he’ll keep it.

If that wasn’t enough Jensen throws a final curveball and reveals yet another aspect to the Durlans plot. A perfect cliffhanger to end this issue on.

Green Lantern Corps continued and picked the pace from last weeks Green Lantern. The reintroduction of Sodom Yat is the biggest game changer yet and it leaves this reviewer salivating for what else the GL crew has coming up next.

Green Lantern Corps earns a 4/5

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