REVIEW: Green Lantern #42


The theme of corruption via power has been prevalent since Robert Venditti took over the book over two years ago, this month. While Hal himself has not had to deal with himself in recent memory, he’s not a complete stranger to this very idea. While the aspect of Hal holding a weapon made by a crazed Guardian was largely ignored, it’s something that needs to be addressed sooner or later. Yes the disappearance of the Corps does take priority, but can we at least deal with Hal carrying the Power Glove as a weapon? Oh…Venditti does address it in this issue?….Well I feel foolish.

Right off the bat if you’re the sorta individual who immediately wants an answer to why the Corps is gone and how Green Lantern connects with Lost Army, well then you won’t be a happy reader. If the previous issue didn’t give the indication that both Green Lantern and Lost Army can be read without knowledge of reading both. While I admit that doesn’t exactly bolster the quality of this issue of Green Lantern, it does make me smile that after years of crossovers it seems that both titles (at least for now) each have their own distinct tone.

While the first issue was a fun set up to Hal’s new status quo, this issue actually laid the ground work for the story arc to come. I’m a bit mixed on how it was introduced as a problem. It’s evident that this world has become engulfed with a substance similar to the Source Wall. If Venditti wanted to play up the mystery factor then he did a great job, yet there wasn’t even a hint from Hal (who’s seen what the Source Wall can do) makes it more confusing for a new reader. Again I’m sure it’s all part of wanting to deliver an interesting mystery but even the best mysteries off some sliver of an answer.

I could also be completely wrong and perhaps the approach of showing less does equal more will in fact keep readers enthralled until the inevitable answer is given. However it does appear that with the appearance of Black Hand is affected by all this, so perhaps this is the clue. Either way the Black Hand final page did have a chilling factor to it.

The highlight of this issue easily goes to Hal and his unleashing of Krona’s Gauntlet. This sequence of seeing Hal simply demonstrating his new power was awe inspiring, as it easily sets how the glove is different than an power ring. Some might claim that hurling a bunch of rocks might be the most visual stimulation, but they should factor in the scale of what they are seeing. While Billy Tan did a fine enough job his perspective between Hal, the ships, and the barren planet below was a bit off from my eyes.

Not only that but Tan seemed to regressed as scale was an issue from time to time. His storytelling excellence remained in tact, but I felt that his facial acting was his strongest with Hal’s newest ally Virgo as you can feel his anguish with the discovery at the fate of his planet, which leads to his anger and taking out on the prisoner Trapper. Tan may not have a clean line but his storytelling chops continue to remain amazing.

This is the breath of air that Green Lantern needed, this second issue has cemented this fact. No emotional spectrum in sight, along with Hal finally being the center of attention. Get on board Green Lantern fans, it’s not traditional but it is fun.

Green Lantern #42 earns a 3/5

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