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What an opening for Godhead right? If that previous chapter was any indication, then the Green Lanterns are outclassed in every single way. In a way this paints the story into a bit of a corner, but it also can make the reader wonder how exactly this “war” will play out. When you factor in the drastic choices Hal has had to make, what is going to have to do with an enemy like the New Gods? Let’s not waste any light with part 2 right of Godhead.

So far this event has the feeling of action dread, even though the story is still in buildup phase. The opening page pretty much recaps the previous issue with the brutality in space, the New Gods aint messing around in this instance. For most of this issue The Green Lantern Corps are reacting to the situation, with Hal in a near frenzied state on what their next move should be.

That of course kicking the ass of whoever attacked and stole Mogo’s ring. This is another issue where the New Gods take hold of the spotlight, where they get the bulk of the character moments and big exposition scenes. Hals and the rest of the corps has slightly becoming plot devices and this a New Gods story first, with Green Lantern being a distant second. It’s possibly that the Green Lantern creative team wanted to build up the New Gods properly and treat them with respect then I can understand that, however when the main characters come off as jobbers (that’s for you wrestling fans out there) then balance seems unfair.

Of course this is only the second issue of a three month crossover, and so much could change. This was just a storytelling aspect that became glaring after reading both Godhead parts 1 and 2 back to back.

The second half of the issue pretty much mirrors part 1, which makes it seems a tad bit redundant. If there’s anything to say that makes it different, Billy Tan’s art makes the fight visually more brutal with limbs flying everywhere and zero implications that Green Lanterns could get their offense going.

Finally not only does Hal know how powerful their new enemy is, but he learns that they have even greater numbers. Tan’s close up on Hal’s face pretty much tells the tale of the tape. They don’t stand a chance in Qward, which adds even more of that deflating feeling to this event so far. A good deflating when it comes to the story and again just makes the reader wonder what the outcome of this will be. The issue concludes with Hal doing something he didn’t want to do, join forces with Sinestro. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, a common theme in Green Lantern recently.

Godhead Act 1 part 2 was more of an extension of part 1, sadly it felt it more like Part 1.1 then a true part 2. The crew is definitely playing the long game for this one, let’s see how it plays out. The issue fell flat though.

Green Lantern #35 earns a 2/5

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