REVIEW: Green Lantern #34


The war is over and now we can all relax right? The Green Lantern Corps stopped the Durlans plot and I’m sure they have nothing to worry about anymore……..nope…..nothing…. Oh who am I kidding, this is comics and the next big threat is right around the corner no matter what superhero you are. However everyone needs a small break in between huge events otherwise they might collapse from sheer exhaustion. Which leads us to ask, what does Venditti have planned for Hal Jordan before Future’s End takes over next month? Let’s all grab our cameras and take a selfie, while also diving into the issue itself.

The issue itself begins with a random alien seemingly on the run, from Hal Jordan. However this isn’t a routine traffic stop for Hal as it appears that this creature wants to suck Hal’s will dry. I will say that from an art standpoint it’s a bit disappointing seeing the creature in one panel go from small to something a bit bigger. I know that this is comics and that it’s up to the reader to fill in the blank in between panels, but seeing some sort of metamorphosis would have been nice. A minor nitpick, but the story isn’t hurt so it’s no harm no foul.

After a few quips Hal is able to take down the assailant with a nice piece of lumber. After that’s all done Hal is able to take the prisoner back to Mogo, but because this is Hal Jordan nothing can go according to plan. Unexpectedly Hal’s family has shown up and the alien absorbs their fears forcing him back to his pint sized form. Which leads to the reader ask why and how Hal’s family came to be on Mogo, well he can thank both Kilowog and Simon Baz for this shocking visit.

Which for those who play the continuity game, explains why Simon is nowhere to be found while the Red Lanterns invade Earth.

This of course leads Hal to get some personal time with his brother and get some much needed R&R, while Kilowog takes the others to visit Saint Walker while Mogo plays the role of baby sitter.

The scene between Hal and Jim is definitely a nice change of pace from the action sequences that have been driving the book over the past several months. Seeing Hal drink alien beer and having a conversation with his brother and attempting to relax. I say attempt because it appears that the burden of leadership never leaves a person, even in their downtime. It is interesting how Hal shrugs off Carol being brought up, It’s not clear if he’s cool with her being gone or he’s just hiding his emotions which wouldn’t be a shocker. Only time will tell on that one.

On the flip slide,  Saint Walker actually makes an appearance and he seems better than the last time he was shown. Perhaps this is a turning point for his character.

The final scene of this issue is for Hal to see things from a different perspective. Hal unloads all the trials he’s been through recently and his struggles with reservoir and what it means to the larger universe as a whole. It’s Jim who reminds Hal why does what does and that no matter the cost he should never forget what he is fighting for. The conversation felt real and heartfelt plus it felt needed. Sometimes all you need is a shoulder to lean on, which Hal hasn’t had in a while.

I have a feeling that Robert Venditti is a fan of post credit sequences because that sequence of Mother Box pinging with the eventual BOOM lettering was absolutely chilling. Leaving Green Lantern readers with the High Father of the New Gods. Sadly readers have to wait till October before that storyline can kick off!

This issue is exactly what the Green Lantern needed after months of war. Nothing wrong with an issue that takes it’s time to smell the roses, a calm before the storm. The art by both Tan and Coccolo meshed perfectly with Coccolo doing the heavy lifting with his excellent vista during Hal and Jim’s talk.

Green Lantern earns a 3/5

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