REVIEW: Green Lantern #33


Penultimate issues, one more chapter and this war with the Durlans threat can finally be put down for good. Needless to say that this war has been the exact opposite of what readers may have been expecting. Which considering that the focus has been the Durlan threat, then I’ll say that fits perfectly with the nature of a Durlan. Layers upon layers, like an onion one would might say. Now that we know what the Durlans endgame is it’s time for Hal and the rest of the corps to stand their ground and contain this threat. There is still one more chapter to go though…..hrrmmm.

With the first two pages dedicated to recapping the events of the past two issues, the story itself doesn’t start till page three. Which makes these two pages seem a tad wasteful considering that amount of ground this issue needs to cover.

Irregardless in near cliche fashion just as the Durlans were about to start their process to become the supreme race (a tad Nazi I know) Hal and the rest of the corps show up. Tension is high as the Lanterns form a giant wall, Venditti decides to lighten up the mood a tad with a Hal having a conversation with one of Gorrin-Sunn’s people.

What this issue (and the event as a whole) has really been a showcase for Hal’s evolution as a leader. While Hal still has his bravado and charm which makes him, him. He’s become smarter as a leader, evidence by forming a defensive line around the people of Zezzen. Even though Kilowog himself still thinks Hal’s plan just a bit off kilter.

The action picks up as the Durlans charge and Billy Tan’s double page splash of the Durlans crashing down on the Lanterns shield. The reader can feel the strain as the Lanterns struggle to hold back the oncoming enemy horde. Nice dash of detail as the construct wall breaks ever so slightly.

Just as Hal’s defensive wall plan seems to being the way of the dinosaurs, the Outer Clanns attack from the rear. Allowing for the route of the Durlans. The day is saved and we can all go home right…..?

Hal comes back to see the members of the science cell community and as he sings and age old classic an emergency signal is relayed to him. This issue was going way to perfect and in true Durlan fashion Venditti sets the readership with more twist. ending before the grand finale next week.

The issue was your typical rally issue for our heroes and in that sense it almost felt a bit bland. Simply because of how the event has played out, but it’s saved with the vague distress call at the end. Forcing the readers to imagine what horrors could have happened. Lucky for all of us we only have to wait one week.

Green Lantern #33 earns a 3/5

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2 Responses to “REVIEW: Green Lantern #33”

  1. Tom

    I liked this issue a lot. I like how this whole war hasn’t been a total wash out for the Lanterns until the very end, when they somehow pull through. Instead they give us multiple battles, with the Lanterns winning just as many as losing. Interesting. I also have been predicting for a while that there is still one more Durlan hiding in plain sight among the lanterns. There is a big clue in this issue as to who that is, but I’ll have to wait until the next issue to find out if I’m right. Thanks for writing these reviews, I don’t know any fellow Lantern fans, so reading these has been fun for the past few months.

  2. Ben Castruita

    Thank you for reading the reviews, glad you like them.


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