REVIEW: Green Lantern #29


Now that the crossover with Red Lanterns is over, Green Lantern returns to it’s regularly scheduled program. While the war against The Khund/Durlan alliance is underway, the corps itself hasn’t be able to form a plan of attack and strike back in this war. Combine all this with the recent solicitation release of this storyline all coming to end this may, then the corps might want to start the ball rolling itself. So that’s where the question comes into play. What plan does Hal Jordan in his back pocket or does even have a plan at all? Well let’s crack open page one and find out shall we?

Symmetry is always an interesting way to open and close the book and can always make the reader make their eyes light up when the last page connects the first page. As we see the resident whale Green Lantern come across a box with several serums that are here for unknown reasons.

What’s even more interesting is that Venditti opens the actual story in Coast City of all places. It seems like it’s been forever since the Green Lantern book proper has visited here and through dialog coming from the kids it shows. Hal comes off as weary and tired, but relieved to be home even for a brief second. Tan’s body language sells it even more with Hal’s expression of near exhaustion.

However as we know there is still a war going on and Hal simply came here to tell his family that he’ll be away for an extended period of time. Apparently Hal has asked Simon Baz to watch out for the Red Lanterns and protect his family. As Hal flies away to war Martin Coccolo’s facial expression has him looking depressed. Uncertain on what the exact how come of this war will be and if he’s going to see he’s family again. It’s a subtle choice but it makes the moment even more bittersweet.

Venditti does have a brief exchange between Hal’s brother and Simon where Hal’s brother tells him that his see’s him on the news and that they miss their Uncle Hal. This moment can be picked apart in various way but at the end of the day it’s simply a man who misses his brother and two kids who miss their uncle.

Flash forward to the planet Mogo as he speeds towards a combat zone. Venditti has a philosophical debate between the sentient planet and the now hopeless Saint Walker. It’s really interesting to see a planet discuss his opinions on how a solitary life is not the way to live. Seeing Saint Walker still in this depressed state is still haunting both visually and through dialog. It’s similar to seeing your happiest friend stop smiling it’s unsettling. Plus it’s nice detail that Tan still has the ring following Saint Walker where he goes.

Before moving on to the big exposition scene there is nice humor bit attempted here, but Coccolo’s story telling makes it difficult to understand exactly what is going on. Is Hal being shocked and why are there green diamonds around him? It’s written as that classic electric shock joke but the story telling here fails to execute it properly.

For the past few months we have seen Hal make rash decision after rash decision, but here Venditti has Hal turn a corner. Hal admits that he’s made mistakes and that those mistakes have cost them dearly. Any good leader will tell that admitting to your mistakes is always a good place to start. Which leads the corps to start a surgical strike against the planet making these new ring drainers.

The issue concludes with a battle on the planet Gwottle. The action is kinetic and it’s compelling to look at the Lanterns outsmart their opponents. Venditti does dive more into the perception of the corps itself and has Hal acknowledge that this War needs to be won on both fronts. Fist alone will not be the answer for some aspects of this war.

Remember symmetry from early on? Well the epilogue has our runaway Durlan finding out that his stash is running out. This small epilogue felt like the ending of a heist gone wrong. You could cut the tension with a knife.

This issue was a one of the best since Venditti took over. Hal is finally coming together as a leader and the war may start to turn in their favors. While there were two artist on this book neither styles took you out of the story which is ideal when dealing with two artists on one book.

Green Lantern #29 receives a 4/5

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