REVIEW: Green Lantern #25

The ramifications from Lights Out begins here with Green Lantern #25, as now we see The Green Lantern Corps on a new home planet,but now they carry the burden of knowing that their power has a finite power source. It now looks appears that Venditti and Tan have a clear direction on where to go next, and it’s going to be interesting to see where this story arc goes. Hal Jordan now leads a rebuilding corps with dangerous threats still on rise, ring slingers or otherwise. What does Robert Venditti have in store for Hal and the rest of the corps? Well let’s open page one and find out shall we?

As we saw at then of Green Lantern Annual #2 as Hal was leading everybody in saying the oath but some veteran lanterns did not participate. Venditti opens this issue in a elegant way that sets up the direction for Green Lantern going forward but also provides an argument against what will the book will be about going forward. It all boils down to Venditti using the idea that these veteran corps members won’t be apart of universal decay but they will still be Green Lanterns and try protect their sectors without rings. That’s an interesting and weird idea, it should be a unique take going forward. While this is possible minor, the fact that Tan draws Mogo with a living ecosystem is great and brings a different feel to living on Mogo. It’s a nice touch.

However, as Hal finishes his conversation with the veteran lanterns this is where things become interesting. Venditti’s direction for the book is to make Hal Jordan make a proclamation that the Green Lantern Corps will now police the emotional spectrum and any unauthorized ring wearers will be arrested for violation of universal code. Which leads nicely into a great comedy bit from Carol about which finger is she showing Hal, it’s a small joke but it breaks the tension a bit. Naturally Venditti has Carol oppose on this through her shows the counter argument for Hal’s new directive.This all leads to Carol leaving Hal and basically drawing a line in the sand on where she stands on this matter.

Tan fluid character acting continues to be good as it’s always been. Every panel featuring our main characters feels organic and alive, not stiff at all. Although it appears that time was rushed on Tan’s usually excellent facial works seems to have taken a dive. Hopefully this corrects itself with issue 26 next month.

Venditti does something that more writers should do, while Hal has the best intentions his wanting to police comes off as something a old Guardian would have done. It all fits with Hal’s shortsighted approach and his inexperience of leading something of this size. It was refreshing to see Carol contrast Hal and shows that he is wrong and why he is wrong. It provides a natural conflict between the two characters that didn’t involve Kyle.

The last half of the book heads into old west planet, where Hal takes Kilowog to find recently escaped Nol-Anj. Tan seems to have drawn inspiration from an old west but mixed with sci-fi. It really reminds me more of Tri-Gun than anything, but nothing that should be considered a rip off. Venditti has Hal and Kilowog act as the two sheriffs coming from another town looking for a perp. It was nice to see Hal ¬†show that swagger he’s known for.

Venditti wraps up the second half of the issue with a great action sequence between Hal, Kilowog and our rogue Star Sapphire. Tan’s art here in this final sequence is why he deserves to stay on the book. His action panels are crisps and they flow elegantly.Venditti even has Kilowog have a nice comedy bit with Prixiam’s thugs. The issue ends with Prixiam using abilities to draw in her entire posse, leaving Hal and Kilowog outgunned.

This issue was really interesting in terms of where Venditti is going with Hal as a character and leader. The old west set up for the second half of the issue was a nice touch. However Tan’s art seem to take a bit of a hit in terms of rendering characters from panel to panel.It’s a fine starting point is you’ve been wanting to read Green Lantern with Lights Out done.

Green Lantern #25 receives a 3.5/5

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