REVIEW: Earth 2 Worlds End #5-8

Happy late Thanksgiving to whoever is reading this and I’m sure the heroes of Earth 2 wish you Happy Thanksgiving as well. Even though they are under siege by Apokolips. Now that World’s End has concluded it’s second month, has the writing team pulled the back the griping intense action that kicked off the series? Could the art remain as consistent with the structure of the book? So many questions and so not enough turkey to push readers through yet another month of World’s End.

If there was any doubt that the writing team would tone it back a notch as the book settled into a groove, well you’re wrong. Well mostly wrong as the action did pick up fitting the name World’s Ends, however there were more scenes that drastically slowed the pacing of each given issue. It’s either that or they fit character moments within a battle scene, either way the team has found a balance for to appease multiple readers. The best part being the frantic pacing isn’t lost for those who may have been worried.

The only true downside to World’s End was the sheer amount of revelations was a bit alarming. Nothing was inherently wrong with any of them (the exception being Alan’s dead boyfriend also becoming an Avatar) and that’s cause it comes off as cliche and in a way takes away from the initial death of Sam. By having Sam be a character in the book in a way could stick Alan into moping around that he has to see his dead boyfriend but can never be with him.

Sure it creates temporary drama but eventually that has to run it’s course. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes and if they have Alan fall into this trap, for the narrative’s sake I hope not. On the subject of the other revelations all of them make sense when you examine the larger picture but they just seem to be coming way to fast and early for them to reveal some of this. They we’re all done well but given how early the book just started it’s a bit alarming to so much at once.

Which could possibly mean that even bigger revelations are on the way and this just as small taste of things to come.

The art once again holds up well enough to tell the story, with the occasional hiccup in story telling or just an awkward looking panel. It’s really only the Tyler Kirkham pages that come off as awful and rips me out of any scene he handles.His artwork feels like something from the mid 90’s.

Earth 2 World’s End continues to be a fun ride for those who have been enjoying the ride since beginning. With the added quieter moments that further develop the larger cast that is Earth 2. Hopefully month 3 continues this momentum.

Earth 2: World’s End #5-8 earns a 3/5

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