REVIEW: Earth 2 World’s End #13-17

With the recent announcement that Earth 2 will reach it’s conclusion at the end of March, the clock has begun to tick down on the heroes of Earth 2. When you either read it in issues or just look back at how little time has passed since the book debuted in October. It’s been a roller coaster of action and emotion. It’s going to be fun to see how the writers of Earth 2 wrap up the series over the next two months.

Once I started to reread the issues for this month I happened to noticed the increase in action for each storyline, almost as if the writers are making sure that each heroes have their time to shine. That goes double for Flash as he’s had the least amount of page time for the entire series. Which is a tad disappointing when you remember how he was a driving point for the series before World’s End began. Instead of giving time to Flash this month in terms of character development they give those to characters who only joined when this began.

Was the death of Superman and near death done well? Yes they had emotional impact and hit the beats they needed to hit (in the few issues they were part of this cast) but that real estate could have been used for Flash, Hawkgirl or even the seemingly pointless Dick Grayson storyline. Despite all that the book still continues to be paced well enough knowing when to step on the breaks and went to put the pedal to the metal.

While action has the blockbuster feeling, the tone of the book leans more to depressive state. Everything that has gone wrong did go wrong and the illusion of death for these heroes makes the stakes feel higher, even though the end result won’t end in death for most of the cast. Given how many chapters remain it does make sense to put the heroes through the mud before ultimately winning it all.

Or they could die before Convergence even starts, it’s all up in the air at this juncture.

The art still remains solid but some of the worst pages of the series was during this month of World End’s. Most noticeably during the sections for Dick Grayson and The battle between the Avatars and the Horsemen of Apokolips. Characters proportions seemed off in scale and facial expressions made serious moments into goofy moments which takes me out of the story. I’ll give it a pass since this is a weekly book and I’m not expecting anything great but I will point out when a panel or an entire page looks off.

With the heroes at their darkest and the action heating up World’s End is still a consistent read after each chapter making the reader come back for more. Just two more months ladies and gentlemen.
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