REVIEW: Earth 2 Society #4


Romances in comics over the last decade have been the subject of controversy for many of fans. We now live in an era where DC has split the silver age couples into the singles bracket. Now while Val-Zod and Kara Zor El have only been around as a couple for less than a year now, but as know they are longer in a relationship. Relationships are the trickiest aspects to a humans life, it’s a delicate thread that can sadly be cut into pieces. Now it seems that Daniel H. Wilson finally spills the kryptonian beans on the split between Kara and Val.

Let’s get right to the crux of this issue and that’s is the reasoning for Kara and Val’s separation, which smears Val Zod as a character moving forward. I understand the aspect of making characters with incredible powers feel more grounded but to have Zod be the reason how Sloan was able to ignite the fire pits which of course led to the deaths of millions including Superman himself. This in turns makes Zod look like a villain to some of the heroes of Earth 2 (so far Batman and Power Girl) and gives him a burden that he shouldn’t have to carry.

The burden of protecting a new world and its challenges should be enough, this added burden comes as a disheartening attempt to create unnecessary drama within the team dynamic. If drama is going to be part of the team process then make it real and tangible, not something where one of the team members is part of a genocidal plan. Val Zod could have been the Superman for this book, a hero attempting to live up to the symbol on his chest, instead he’s become a source of drama.

Despite my problems with the handling of Val Zod, Jorge Jimenez brought his storytelling A game for Val Zod’s shaming. The sense of guilt and regret as Val Zod’s secret was exposed to the world, and while Kara’s anger was a tad exaggerated, but the message was well received. So if there is any positive to Val Zod being torn down it was a chance for Jimenez to showcase more of his talent as a storyteller.

Since I don’t want to be completely negative about this issue, Wilson’s world building for Earth 2 continues to be amazing. The establishing of new cities and new threats feels reminiscent of early Ultimate Marvel comics. A familiar setting while adding a unique twist to the idea, makes if feel fresh. Honestly it makes the obligatory “who killed Sloan” plot line feel less important.

This issue of Earth 2 was rough to swallow, on a execution standpoint it was well done, mostly due to Jimenez on pencils. On a personal level seeing Val Zod’s name strung the through the mud for something he had no connection to prior just feels lazy and seems to be a device to cause strife and drama within the team. I want to give Wilson a chance and see where he takes the series from here, but I’m not optimistic.

Earth 2 Society #4 earns a 2/5

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