REVIEW: Earth 2 Society #3

It’s officially been over three years since Earth 2 was originally launched, with that truncated time frame the heroes of Earth 2 have “seen some shit.” A good chunk of those adventures have been reviewed here, but after finishing this issue4 one though popped in my mind. Ever since World’s End began the characters have been moving nonstop, which hasn’t allowed to come to terms with their recent horrific past., Which in true to life form does fit and makes their character arcs more interesting. However as we all know sometimes when the past isn’t dealt with properly it can lead to lingering problems.

Speaking of horrific pasts one character who has been at the center of this title since World’s End takes center stage in this issue. That of course being Lois Lane a character that is over seventy five years old who has stayed consistent in her role. Here Lois Lane is physically stripped of any comfort as she can now finally adjust to her new life. Through Lois Lane, David H. Wilson uses her to symbolize that fear of the unknown along with the fear of living in the past.

While I admit that having Lois being attacked by a mob of people because of her appearance might be to much (even though it makes sense) I can’t deny in the craft of Wilson’s writing to make Lois Lane more relatable than she’s ever been. Even better is that Wilson still manages to keep what gives Lois Lane her identity despite her traumatic experiences. It’s a testament to both the character and the writer that despite what’s Lois has gone through she continues to be the spunky reporter tracking down a lead.

Interesting enough despite Lois Lane receiving a majority of character development, Green Lantern fans will appreciate that finally Wilson has begun to hint at character development for Alan Scott. Wilson hints that Alan could remove his ring allowing him become human again but chooses not to and remain a stoic guardian. This context makes Alan’s Scott lack of character heart breaking, as he chooses to hid behind the omnipotent power instead of dealing with the loss of his boyfriend for a second time. I could be completely wrong in this assumption but the exchange between Alan and Lois hints at this.

However due to the amazing character development for Lois Lane the actual main plot didn’t appear all that interesting to me in this issue. It almost feels like the sequences with Terry Sloan and the other members of the Society were only there for arbitrary reasons. Either way the main plot felt more akin to a classic comic cliche of a larger threat on the horizon that becomes stale after a while. Granted Wilson has laid the foundation for a entertaining mystery of who killed Terry Sloan, but that’s something to discuss further down the road.

Jorge Jimenez acting ability shines in this issue, while yes once again his slightly exaggerated style fits well with dynamic action sequences. For this issue it’s his renditions of Lois Lane’s emotional struggle. Whether it’s Lois wanting to escape reality as you can see the pain in her face along with her streaking tears that all human beings can recognize. However despite that I know Lois wears her classic uniform over her Red Tornado body as a form of comfort, Lois’s new look became a bit distracting.

I’m glad that Wilson has since steered away from Batman and has begun diving into the rich roster of the Society. I have no issue in saying that this was the best issue of Earth 2 in a long while.

Earth 2 Society #3 earns a 4/5

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