REVIEW: Earth 2 Futures End #1



No recap this time, but given the events of the Futures End weekly the Earth 2 heroes have a role to play. With many of them being held on a hidden island by Cadmus. Which could make this pivotal reading for readers who are curious enough to check this out. Even if this issue doesn’t match up with readers expectations of what’s in the book, the most important question should be is it a entertaining story? Given the limited amount of pages it’s not an easy task. So let’s see if this answers any questions on the status of Earth 2.

Right out of the gate this issue starts with a huge question mark. This Michael Holt is very different from the individual who is seen in the actual weekly series. It’s not clear where or when this story actually takes place, now this isn’t a problem if you aren’t reading Futures End. New readers will simply be introduced to Michael Holt and his latest invention.

After that though the book hits pedal to the metal with an explosion, with Terry Sloan and a duplicate of himself behind Holt’s recent problems. Again similar to Green Lantern, Earth 2 teases what happens with most of it’s cast. Here though it’s one quick mention before moving on the plot the story itself. Which I do appreciate that it doesn’t linger on but rather focuses on the story it wants to tell.

The book refuses to become an Easter Egg machine.

After a run in with Jimmy Olsen, Holt returns to confront both Sloans and here is where the book could raise a potential eyebrow.. Sloan seemingly kills the other Sloan before escaping. The action by Eddy Barrows is muddled. It feels claustrophobic in each panel so when you factor in two characters who look exactly alike and in panels where you only see their head it’s hard to tell exactly what’s wrong.

Barrow’s storytelling was even off, one example being his thrown onto his head then the sequence of him is upright. Sure you can argue that a reader is supposed to fill in the blank but it was way to jarring for it to go unnoticed. The lack luster art for Barrows was all over the issue, it could that the inker took some liberties but something was off about his art.

Certain pages screamed they were Eddy Barrow’s pages, but others were unrecognizable that made me believe that another artist had taken penciling duties.

This issue is a perfect example of reader expectations with the story presented. If you were curious about Terry Sloan and his origins then this was a sundae with a cherry on top. If you wanted some answers about the actual characters of Earth 2, then you’ll be disappointed. Fans of Michael Holt will be treated to an action packed story with plenty of intrigue. Sadly only the art holds the issue back.

Earth 2: Futures End #1 earns a 3/5

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