REVIEW: Earth 2 #27

One might think that with a weekly book dedicated to Earth 2 one might think that this book is a bit a redundant now. Well that’s neither here nor there and it’s all about what’s inside the book that matters. So have ever meet a family member once and then never again? Only for them to show up years later in a odd situation? Well that’s the the theme for this issue of Earth 2, and the nature of what it means to have a family during times of crisis.

Character development, that is what this issue should be praised for. This book serves as a vehicle for a deeper look at the latest editions to the Earth 2, those being Kara Zor-El and Helena Wayne. Now I did not read their World Finest book so any potential retreads felt new to me. The reader is quickly able to understand what both women are feeling when they return to their Earth after five years away. Plus Tom Taylor and Marguerite Bennett reveal that Kara and Val had a short history back on Krypton.

Connecting the two characters in the most humanistic of ways, childhood friendship. Kara herself adds a bit of fire to the book so far as she’s quick with the banter and the flirtation of Val. Even the artists on the book perfectly captures her confidence throughout the issue. The actual plot is a rescue mission of some scientists trapped due to Bedlam’s act in Worlds End #1. It’s a by the number plot and it’s the characters meeting one another for the first time or for the first time in a long time make it a interesting read.

Despite Superman Supergirl being in the same universe and once in a while they would work together they don’t often us their powers together.  but in this situation both Val and Kara used their abilities together to diffuse a troublesome problem. It was nice seeing two super powered people on that scale tag team it up without having to destroy an entire city block to do so. All of it ending with a cool splash page of both Kara and Val clasping hands at full speed to stop the chemical threat. A fun way of using their powers.

Given how terrible the lives of these heroes has been it was a quite a nice surprise to see this book conclude with a actual happy ending. The tone of the book even feels lighter and not as heavy handed as the previous issues have been. Not that the previous issues were terrible (I loved them) but a small victory for both the readers and the characters is always nice in an ongoing weekly saga.

Even though the issue had two artist, the segments they worked on were distinguished enough so readers could understand why the art changed from one paged to the next. Not amazing work but a fine enough job from page 1 to 20 from both crews of artist. The standout panel being Val and Kara colliding together in all their symbolic glory. Another fine issue of Earth 2.

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