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Look at yourself for a few minutes. Go ahead, this review will still be here. Are you done? Do you see how much you’ve changed for good or ill? Do you feel different or act differently? What if you became something that you despised? Now take the scenario and place Superman and Lois Lane. The most iconic relationship in all of comics and pull them away from apart. Now twist both of their images, making them virtually unrecognizable to each other. What happens when the two meet after Lois’s apparent death, five years prior? Well let’s jump right into this roller coaster that is Earth 2.

Even with all the brainwashing (or possible brainwashing) Superman is still able to recognize Lois, albeit he is still in disbelief. Nicola Scott expertly tells the story of Superman’s emotions all with her pencils. You can see his shock, anger, and even a bit of guilt due to Lois seeing him in this fashion. It’s heart breaking to see, even after the atrocious acts Superman’s committed.

Lois manages to convince both Hawkgirl and Val that she has the situation under control. Leaving them to face a horde of parademons. This all leading to the glorious return of Green Lantern in a stunning splash page by Nicola Scott. This potentially symbolizing the turning point for the heroes of Earth 2 in their war against Superman.

Continuing the broken mirror of the DC universe, Taylor has Superman and Lois return to Smallville. You can almost feel the fear coming from Martha Kent as she see’s what her son has become. Fantastic storytelling by Nicola Scott once again. Seeing Taylor weave the cracked mirror versions of these two characters is simply popcorn inducing.

Snapping back to Bat Cave, while this scene is mainly exposition to move the plot forward Taylor establishes the friction between Alan Scott and Thomas Wayne. Both of these men are alpha dogs and even their small exchanges between the two the reader can tell that these men will clash. It should fun to watch to see where this dynamic goes.

Sticking to the moniker of making the situation worse for the characters, a hell hound explodes on the scene. This few panels are the only bit of art that I didn’t particularly enjoy. It felt to claustrophobic to capture the action properly. Red Arrow bites the dust, but there is not emotion at all.

Red Arrow simply serves as the red shirt,adding to the body count that this book is piling up. In defiance to Batman’s orders Green Lantern ask Hawkgirl to stay and that he has a plan. Once again, defying the self proclaimed leader in Batman. The issue ends with the bat cave being destroyed by what appears to be a nuclear explosion.

This issue was a one of the more interesting ventures into Earth 2 as the series continues to spiral deep towards whatever madness Tom Taylor has in stored.

Earth 2 #23 earns a 3/5

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