REVIEW: Earth 2 #22


As we left off last issue, things are not doing so well for the resistance. Which all leads to this single point, how can one defeat The Man of Steel. We’ve seen what an evil Superman is capable, so this story should pretty much be pointless right? Well that’s where you’re wrong fellow reader. Typically an evil Superman has to potential of being steered into a rut if it’s an ongoing basis, but somehow (most likely due to Tom working on Injustice God of Among Us), he has given a somewhat hope to potentially stopping Superman. Do you believe in the Power of Love?

With this being a Green Lantern themed site, it was a bit odd to discuss this issue when the last time we say Alan Scott we was beaten down by Superman. Taylor briefly recaps the moments as this opening scene serves the purpose of reminding the reader that Green Lantern is indeed alive and apparently the Earth won’t let Alan Scott die.

This adds more mystery to what exactly drives the power of the Green, actually is. The art by Nicola Scott enhances with the striking image of Earth’s hope in a field of skulls. Perhaps it’s symbolic to the events of the book itself. It still is a powerful piece of art. Taylor’s strongest suit since coming onto this title has been the dialog. Characters continue to balance of each other appropriately and the conversation never feels dull.

With past revelations that Lois Lane’s mind currently inhabits a Red Tornado, she has been given the task of teaching the new Kryptonian how to handle his new found abilities. This is a great example of letting the artist strut their stuff as Scott delivers another breathtaking page of Lois and Val soaring hand in hand, while at a glance it appears minimalist it’s the facial features that sells this serene moment.

That flying segment was my favorite moment from comics this week, and just like that Taylor rips the rug right out from under as Parademons begin to attack. and Taylor doesn’t let you forget how brutal he can be to the star characters.

As Hawkgirl has her wing bitten into, it’s not the most welcoming sight to see. Taylor concludes the issue with Kal-El attempting to kill Val with Lois coming in as revealing her identity to him.It’s quite the emotional moment with this being the first meeting of two people in love since Lois’s apparent death. Taylor clearly playing up on the nostalgia of the Clark/Lois relationship, but it works perfectly with the scene and doesn’t feel contrived. Plus it appears that Lois might have broken through, if that isn’t an emotional cliffhanger then I don’t know what is.

This issue was nice character piece for Val-Zod, but sadly the issue went by to fast and was over before the excitement could continue. Otherwise, another solid issue from the Earth 2 team.

Earth 2 #22 earns a 3/5

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