REVIEW: DC Universe: Rebirth #1


After months and months of anticipation, the moment that DC fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. By the time this review goes live I’m sure everyone is aware of the spoilers (no thanks to Bleeding Cool) even still I won’t make mention of them at this given time. With Convergence considered a financial failure Geoff Johns has taken it upon himself to bring DC back to basics, it’s what he did famously with Green Lantern Rebirth and the same with Flash Rebirth. So let’s see how the DCU becomes reconstructed this time. Also just in case, spoilers to follow.

The core of this issue is how the New 52 was a big mistake, like any good meta commentary on the state of comics it isn’t directly stated but using the cipher that is Wally West (yes the original Kid Flash) as he strives to find a connection that will allow him to get out of the Speed force. The scene that most sticks out to me, was Wally seeing Dinah and Ollie and both of them acknowledging that something is missing about their lives, in that one scene it acknowledges why fans hated the reboot that was the New 52. It destroyed the legacy of the DCU, and legacy is what made DC unique.

The strength of this issue is the anchor that is Wally West, since he was all but forgotten once Barry Allen returned in 2008. If you’re like me and you don’t have the biggest connection to Wally West, Johns in a few pages was able to summarize who West is, his own personal motivations for the issue and for all that to matter and give emotional weight with the “reunion” with Linda Park, and of course reuniting with his Uncle Barry. It tore at my own heart strings to see Wally dissolve before me eyes, only for Barry to “awaken” and hug his nephew. It’s a testament to John’s as a writer that he was able to make care about Wally West again and his ultimate significance that legacy is a huge component to why people love DC Comics.

DC Rebirth is far from criticism, and while understand that this issue is called DC: Rebirth when the focus shifted away from Wally West to small vignettes about upcoming Rebirth series. They were well done and gave me hope as to what DC Rebirth has coming down the pipe, but when you way the commercial segments against the strong writing of a returning Wally West, those vignettes pale in comparison. From the art perspective side this is pretty much a murders row of comic artist for this issue, it helped that Gary Frank had some hand in the art across the board to help the art remain relatively consistent while still allowing for each artist to retain their unique style. DC picked the best artist for this issue.

On the subject that Dr.Manhattan created the New 52 after Flashpoint is just mind blowing and just leaves me wanting to know what is going to happen next, which is exactly what you want from the book I won’t bore with you speculation but only with the hope that this is resolved in some mega event down the road. REBIRTH IS HERE!! CHEERS TO A NEW DCU!!!

DCU: Rebirth #1 earns a 4/5

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