Review: Convergence Green Lantern Corps #1

First off I want to apologize for how late this review is, with out going into details my life became hectic, and it was difficult to try and sit down write about a review on a comic that I little to no interest in. Thankfully that time has passed and it’s time to dive back into Convergence one more time! Obviously I didn’t have kinds for the last Green Lantern Convergence title. so now that Corps finally hits the shelves, will it fall under the same web as Parallax did or will it actually be a worth wile read?

Sadly no, once again Convergence: Green Lantern Corps is just as terrible as Parallax, but for completely different yet similar reasons. From a structure standpoint there is really nothing wrong with this comic at all. If you look at this comic at face value, the panel layouts are properly laid out, the art is serviceable and does solid job of telling a coherent story. However it’s hard to commend those when that’s something every comic should have to begin with. It’s a very safe approach for a twenty page comic, and with how crazy the circumstances are for Convergence you would think the books would be a bit more crazy.

This is probably due the limited amount of time the creators had before the books had to leave and the restraints didn’t leave much for wiggle room.

Remember when you picked up your first super hero comic, and how it was up to you to figure out the continuity and decide whether or not to continue with the series? That’s what we have here with Green Lantern Corps, a book so continuity dense that you had to read the story that is well over twenty years old at this point to understand the Guy’s motivation and the sequentially the remaining members of the cast. At least with Parallax, the twist of Hal feeling remorse for his actions provided something interesting, despite the dumb fight near the end.

I could not got become invested in this story due to it’s impregnable continuity barrier. Yes you can argue that the two page primer at the end of the comic provides context for the book, but if I have to look at something outside the story then you have failed in telling that story. The only readers who would actually like and care about this title are people who read the issues over twenty years ago, and given what I’ve seen about and read about the rest of Convergence, this isn’t just a problem for Green Lantern.

Before I go I will not be reviewing the final chapters of these issues due to money¬† and time wasted on these filler comics. I simply can’t be bothered and I apologize for anybody disappointed. Convergence: Green Lantern is a perfect example of why sometimes, a trip down memory lane is not always worth it.

Convergence: Green Lantern Corps #1 earns a 1/5

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  1. David Gallaher

    First of all, thank you for taking the time to read the book. I absolutely love how fans have embraced what we’ve done. Clearly you didn’t care for it, but we had a blast. And we’ve loved seeing fans new and old come out of the woodwork for this. Again, thanls for reading!


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